Radio Broadcast and Bible Distribution
on One of the Most Dangerous Borders in the World


The situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate. In the midst of the upheaval we are engaged in distributing a container load of beautiful study Bibles to besieged pastors and leaders. There are many places where the border between Colombia and Venezuela has been closed and we have to be very creative in order to accomplish our task.

Last week, several of our co-workers were arrested and accused of taking humanitarian aid across the border, which unbelievably has been criminalized.

After several hours in a Venezuelan jail and after some intense prayer they were miraculously released and allowed to continue on their way with the precious Bibles.

God has opened many doors for us to have excellent contacts on both sides of what some have been calling the most dangerous border on the planet. In one key location, the person running the Bible operation on the Venezuela side has been a friend for thirty-five years and the person coordinating on the Colombia side has been tied to our family for close to forty-five years. Believers from indigenous tribes who go back and forth across the border as part of their heritage are also helping with this endeavor.

We have been privileged to obtain transmitter locations along with the necessary permission to beam the gospel into some of the most difficult places. Right now we are engaged in the development of four new sites, as resources are available and future possibilities are enormous. There are a number of failing or defunct radio stations on both sides of the border that associates of ours would like our help to restore and operate. Our programming, of course, is ideal for the present crisis and over the years we have developed thousands of great radio programs that can be used over and over again. We will continue to move forward as God supplies.

Due to a number of delicate factors, I am not at liberty to share many details regarding some of these ongoing projects, but would like to request prayer for all of our associates and team members who are risking their lives to go forward with the initiatives that God has placed on their hearts.

Right now it is hard to imagine what will happen next in Venezuela and how Colombia will be affected. There are already a couple million displaced persons. I think the situation will get worse before it improves. The short to medium term prospects are dire.  We do know from experience, however, when extreme difficulties set in, people who are under pressure can become very open to the gospel (provided there is a clear witness) and those who are already Christians can mature in Christ much faster than under normal circumstances, if they are fed a clear gospel message.