My name is Keva and this is my testimony of becoming a Christian in India. I was born into a home with a lot of Hindu superstitious practices. As a young man, the religious Hindu practices did not give me contentment, so I chose a different lifestyle. I formed a village gang with an idea to support the political cause in my region and mobilize young people from village to village. We did open-air meetings, and I was involved in speaking for a particular party accepted by the government. Our group of young people would get drunk, threaten and harm people for our own gain and the cause of the political party. A few times I was put in prison, but the struggle in prison did not bother me.

Many times we were chased out of the villages for our mischievous behavior and endangering the lives of the people. With the gang and the political agenda, we had the monetary resources to fulfill our fleshly desires.

I felt so helpless and desperate in my life that I began to hate others, and myself along with everything I was doing. I did not like to listen to anybody, and I was very rebellious and expressed very deep dissatisfaction in my life.

One day, I was chased out of the village again along with my gang, and as we ran to save our lives, we went into a jungle. I felt very helpless and had no strength at all in my body to fight for the cause that I was fighting for; I felt completely empty.

The next day, I walked into another village not knowing that it would change the rest of my life. I met a Christian man, who was looking for someone to talk to about Jesus.

As we began the conversation, he explained to me that Jesus is the only one who can satisfy in this world. As he was speaking, I felt he knew exactly what I needed to hear. He quoted a Bible verse from John 6:35, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”

When I heard that verse, I felt I desperately needed to experience Jesus as my only satisfaction and greatest pleasure in life. The Christian man explained to me that I am a sinner without Christ. I understood and gave my life to Jesus and began reading the Word of God and praying. Since then my life was never the same, and I experienced great satisfaction and joy day by day. I had no desire to continue in my previous lifestyle, and I felt the call to proclaim the name of Jesus in the villages where I used to do the political campaigns and gang activities. The Lord began to work in many lives through my testimony.