My name is Tarus and I was born in a very strong Hindu home. My home was almost like a temple. I gradually came to know Jesus as my Savior by visiting my Christian friend’s house. I renounced my Hindu faith in 2016.

Since the day I became a Christian, my life was filled with warfare and each day I witnessed Jesus wherever I was. The suffering got so intense living as a Christian that I almost thought no one was on my side. I was the only Christian in my home and believers were very rare in my region.

After my conversion, I was heavily burdened for a Hindu village where there was no Christian witness at all. The village people were so wicked and sinful that they would never tolerate any other faith other than Hinduism.

Gradually, I got very upset and angry in my life and with the entire situation. I developed such a wrong attitude towards the village people. I never ever wanted to see them again and said in my heart, “Why doesn’t God punish this village and the people who are so against the true God, Jesus?”

I struggled within my heart with negative thoughts and unloving attitudes toward the village people. I felt very frustrated and harassed for weeks and months. The more I prayed and read the Scriptures, there still was not a change in my heart.

One day, I was alone in my room praying and the Lord showed me a vision of a mud pot with crystal clear water flowing above the pot, but the water did not pour into it. Through this vision, the Lord began to show me, I was like the closed pot. The Lord wanted to fill me with His living crystal clear water and use me in the village to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. It was like a light bulb turned on in my brain and I understood that it was not that the Lord does not have power to change the village, but it was my self-centeredness and closed, reluctant heart that was not allowing the divine love and life transforming Word into the village.

The Lord reminded me about Jonah and how he was upset with Nineveh, but the longsuffering and merciful Lord is always after His people to save them if they are willing to submit to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

One after another, conviction from the Lord began to stir and revive my heart with the conviction that God loves people no matter how wicked they are and I need to see with the eyes of Christ.

The Lord opened my eyes miraculously according to His Word. “Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.”  Psalm 119:18

I felt deep love for the lost village people and began to weep for not visiting the village for months. I wept for a few hours for not viewing people in the eyes of Christ.

After this transforming experience, the Lord in His mercy continued to use me for His Kingdom and to make a difference for Christ.

As I have been growing and getting more equipped in the Lord, Jesus said to me, “Go back to the village where you felt kingdom work was impossible and I will show myself to the people there.” That was a confirmation from the Lord.

I went right back to the village and began working and the Lord has flourished his work and great doors have opened up for the kingdom work there.

Thank God for His great work and His provision.
We are praying for you and your families in the USA.