Learn How to Talk to a Muslim About Jesus

Just like us, the only hope for Muslims is the love of God through faith in Christ. Muslims are coming to faith in Christ in greater numbers than any other time in history! The opportunity is great, but truly the laborers are few, who are willing to take the time to pray and love Muslims with a proclamation of salvation. Our heart is to reach Muslims and see them redeemed and come out of darkness into the light of the living God.

Do you know that nearly one fourth of the world’s populations are Muslims? Islam is growing in the USA: the numbers of mosques are now over 3,000 in United States and more are being built on a regular basis. Everyday Christians in Islamic nations are risking their lives to share Christ with their Muslim neighbors. In the United States, it is the Church’s duty to reach out to the growing Muslim population.

Our Muslim Outreach Workshop is based upon the principles of Scripture that we teach in our Discussion Discipleship Method training and our Evangelism training. Therefore, any church who desires to host our Muslim Outreach Workshop must first complete the Discussion Discipleship Method and Evangelism Workshop. The Muslim Outreach Workshop is encouraged for churches and ministries in close proximity to mosques and Muslim communities within America.

Participants Will Learn: 

  • Basic Muslim belief system.
  • God’s Father-heart for Muslims.
  • How to establish relational conversations with Muslims by sharing biblical stories and using questions for discovery.
  • How to build bridges to Christ using common theological ground.
  • How to overcome common objections from Muslims regarding the gospel.
  • Cultural considerations in ministering to Muslims.

What is the goal of the Muslim Outreach Workshop?

It is simple: For Christians to engage with confidence in a spiritual conversation regarding faith in Jesus Christ with Muslims.

The training has been designed to fit within a weekend of Friday through Sunday.

During the Muslim Outreach Workshop participants have an opportunity to interact in dialogue with Muslims by observing and participating with SOM Instructors. Our heart is to reach Muslims and see them redeemed and come out of darkness into the light of the living God.

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