Global Call to Prayer

Our family in India is calling on the SOM International global network to join them in a 10-Day of Prayer & Fasting. 

Upper Room Prayers

Invitation from our Family in India

We felt in our spirit to set aside 10 days to seek the Lord in prayer and fasting. We are declaring this a time to pray as the 120 disciples prayed in the upper room in Acts 1:13-14.
“They all joined together constantly in prayer…”

Specifically, we will pray for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit with power on the entire SOM International network, including the Islamic and Hindu worlds.
We welcome our international partners to join us as well. Let us expect a mighty revival and greater expansion of the Kingdom of God.

Standing in the Gap

With national stay-at-home orders, many in other countries are without income or government safety net – they are starving. Fearful of contagion, villages block migrant workers from returning home. Multitudes of people are trapped without food or shelter, often abused by police for violating the stay-at-home order. 

Amid this chaos rises Christ’s Church. Our persecuted family is standing in the gap, providing love – food, shelter, and the gospel – in the face of overwhelming opposition. 

Let Us Pray

  1. A tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit and power for global repentance and revival. 
  2. Divine provision, a multiplying of “loaves and fishes,” to physically sustain our persecuted family and those who need to hear the good news.
  3. The Holy Spirit to open minds and hearts to the truth of the gospel.
  4. The Body of Christ to unite in sacrificial love, obeying God in the midst of this global crisis.