Students take an Oath to Gladly Surrender Everything to Jesus

Praise God, the 21st class of students in India commissioned out from twenty-two church planting schools and sewing discipleship schools in November 2021. Excitement and enthusiasm filled the 869 students as they looked to the opportunity to reach out and start a new ministry. Students take an oath to surrender to be faithful until death if necessary during the commissioning. As Jesus speaks, “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life” (Revelation 2:10b). 


Gladness through Persistent Threats Abounding Back Home


Many of the students recounted the challenging environments they faced back home to share the gospel. Believers are on high alert as the militant Hindus threaten retaliation and retribution for sharing Christ in the villages.  


Graduates in Northern India face the most significant opposition. Recently, when a house church was attacked, nine people were hospitalized.  


The Future Looks Bright 


Despite the risks, graduates were powerfully filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. They were filled with thanksgiving and filled with hope as the Lord prepared the path before each of them. Some of the students experienced dreams and visions, and the graduates earnestly pray to discern the voice of God. 


One of the widows had prayed for five years to find a way to thrive, and finally, the Lord connected her to one of the Lighthouse sewing and discipleship schools. Moreover, the Lord delivered two women forced into prostitution out of their complicated past. These women are now empowered to minister to other ladies. 


Multiplication Moves to 18 States 


The mobilization of the army of church planters has become more than an idea, and this church planting movement has spread across India to 18 states. Planters were incredibly blessed with the presentation of 206 bicycles this month. 

Please Pray:

  • Please, pray for COURAGE, BOLDNESS, and ENDURANCE for the church planters and Lighthouse seamstress workers who are taking the gospel to forgotten corners of India.  
  • Continue to pray for the HEARTS of the villagers to be open to receiving Christ. 
  • Finally, pray for the ENEMIES of Christ to find FREEDOM and FORGIVENESS.