This is a Testimony of a High Profile Northwest Africa Woman Who Overcomes Nightmares with Christ through the African Agricultural Program

First of all, I come from a prominent Muslim family generally made up of Marabout (Muslim holy men). My father is a prominent Marabout who passed the leadership to my big brother. For us, the principles of Islam are widely respected and practiced. Islam is the basis of education, and life. I followed this path from a young age.

Joining the Agricultural Team

I met the SOM Northwest Africa Director in 2020 and their united team, which presented their agriculture program to me, and immediately I supported the vision. The team has built an agricultural organization that helps feed thousands of people every year. So, when the director asked me to work with them as the national secretary, I joined the organization in this role in October 2020.

At the office, the majority of my colleagues were Christians. Nevertheless, I was content to work and jealously guard and practice my Islamic religion. No hour of prayer escaped me. Even if we were working, I stopped when it was time to pray and continued my religious habits.

Additionally, I discussed with a colleague who shared much about Jesus with me. First, I was not convinced, but later I could not let go of what the colleague shared. The colleague gave me a Bible, and I started to read it for the first time.

In another discussion with other colleagues, someone asked if I was sleeping well every day. I automatically answered no. He asked me if I had nightmares. I again replied, yes. In reality, I was always afraid. I always had negative thoughts. Sometimes I thought about death. I got angry too quickly, I always had headaches, I didn’t forgive, and, I cried alone sometimes.

A few days later, the same person asked me to surrender my fears to Christ. They prayed for me, and someone encouraged me always to sleep next to the Bible as a symbol of God’s presence. I no longer had nightmares from that moment on, and I slept well.

One day, a colleague invited me to a fellowship of Christians. That day, just before entering the building, I felt great fear, and I heard voices that told me not to enter. The moment I entered the church gathering of believers, all these thoughts were gone. I was comfortable in the church. Since that day, I started reading the Bible more and memorizing verses to pray. I pray for everyone who has troubles.

My colleagues have created a prayer group for our office. Above all, they encourage me to grow in the faith. We pray together twice a week, and I understand more of the Word of God. I have become transformed by the gospel of Christ.

Celebrating New Life in Christ

I was baptized on October 27, 2021! It was exactly one year since I joined the team, and I was marked by the love of everyone in the group and the humility that animates the members. This family feels like home.

Since I gave my life to Christ, I have lived quietly. The diseases that I had, I no longer have. I am happy, and I forgive, I am no longer afraid, and I have hope in life. Now, I like spending time Bible reading, and I pray often. I am part of the church, and I thank God for Him choosing me. I’m praying for my family when there are problems or sickness, and I am seeing God heal and redeem.

In conclusion, I ask the Lord to give me the courage and the strength to remain solid in the faith no matter what happens and persecution I endure. I am ready to defend my faith.


Praise God for this beautiful story of redemptive hope. Pray for SOM Northwest Africa work to feed (physically and spiritually) the overwhelming needs of their nation.