Global Ambasadors

4 W’s for Group Meetings

What does a Global Ambassador meeting look like?
How do I get started?
What does God’s vision for the future look like?

When Jesus was on the earth, He ministered as He went along His way. In examining the way that Jesus built relationships, we notice patterns. As followers of Jesus, we build these patterns into the DNA of our meetings. The patterns are the essential elements that fuel multiplying movements of Jesus followers.

The 4 W’s: Welcome, Worship, Word, and Witness.

As you read the description below, you will see opportunities for the different GA teams to operate in their primary callings.

Global Ambassadors


Always warmly welcome everyone as they gather. Remind them we are God’s children in Christ and that He accepts and loves all who come to Him. Use food and refreshments and help new people navigate their way by offering a preferred seat, etc.

(Assist Team Members can shine with their helping skills.)



Worship is about celebration. We celebrate God and His presence and work in our world, praise Him and express our desire for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done in us and globally. Worship can include music and testimony, praise, and thanksgiving for what God has done since the last meeting.

(Worship and Prayer Team Members can joyfully use their God-given gifts.)



This is a time to use creative ways to share the word of God. The method can be adapted to the overall purpose of the meeting. Ways to share the word include reading a short Scripture passage and asking the first three Learn Questions, a DDM Bible Study, or Scripture readings during an extended worship time.

(Discipleship Team Members inspire others with their love for the Word of God.)



At the end of every meeting, share a short SOM testimony (Advocate Team Members share opportunities to impact others.)

  • Announce upcoming events to represent SOM International and to inspire others to serve the global Persecuted Church.
  • Ask: “Who is the Lord putting on your heart to be a witness to this week?” “How is the Holy Spirit leading you to love them?”
  • “Who is the Lord putting on your heart to share the Persecuted Church with?”

Encourage people to help each other in outreach. Look for opportunities to connect those having similar vision. Let people share and encourage everyone in immediate application and obedience to God’s Word. When possible, people can join in outreach and pray for each other.


The Connector and the 4 W’s

The Connector is naturally the catalyst for pulling people together from their sphere of influence and helping others find a team, but anyone can plan an event using the 4 W’s.

GETTING STARTED – Start Simple and Build

When you first meet, you may have only some of the teams represented. Nevertheless, all 4 W’s – Welcome, Worship, Word, and Witness – should be present. The gifts of the people holding the meeting will determine your emphasis.

  • Example 1: If a meeting initiator has a Worship & Prayer calling, they will still welcome people warmly. They can worship for an extended period, with pauses for prayer and scripture readings (word). They can share a SOM testimony and invite witness by asking the “learn” questions.

  • Example 2: If a meeting initiator has an Assist call, they warmly welcome people. They could invite friends to their home for dinner or a potluck. They can celebrate God’s goodness with thanksgiving (worship) and a short Scripture passage (word) before the meal. They can share a SOM International testimony and invite witness by asking the “learn” questions.

ENDGAME – The Vision for Regional GA Teams

The vision is for every region of the USA to have an active Global Ambassador group where the five teams work together to plan, encourage, and execute activities, inviting others to serve our persecuted family with SOM International.

Global Ambassadors

The Learn Questions

From this story, what do you learn about God?

What do you learn about the people (nation, leadership, etc.) of this story?

What is the Holy Spirit teaching you to apply in your life?

Who is the Lord putting on your heart to be a witness to this week? How is the Holy Spirit leading you to love them?

Who is the Lord putting on your heart to share the Persecuted Church with?