Mexico Couple Threatened, “CRUCIFY YOU LIKE THE JESUS.”

High up in the mountains of Mexico, a married couple received the Lord. They started sharing the gospel with others and as a result, the couple was threatened for their faith.

As part of their tribal group, this area represents an opportunity where tens of thousands of indigenous people need access to the gospel and need the grace of Jesus.  A local Shaman (witch doctor) heard about the faithful couple sharing the Lord and threatened the couple with death. “If you continue to share this message,” he confronted the couple, “we will crucify you like the Jesus you worship.”

At the risk of their very lives, the couple continued to share their faith. “The Lord has called us to stand fast,” said the couple. The Shaman backed down, and a house church was established in the area bearing fruit from the couple’s bold testimony.


This region of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains constitutes some of the more rugged and remote territories in North America. This mountain range in northwest Mexico spans almost a thousand miles and stretches in a southern direction down to the state of Nayarit.

With a limited number of paved roads from East to West, access is difficult except by airplane.  Many indigenous peoples have found a safe haven in the mountains, but drug cartels have controlled much of the land.

Pray for SOM Mexico workers to continue to engage the people along this difficult terrain and raise leaders in these areas where numerous tribes still need to hear the gospel.