Bibles Delivered: Truck-loads full

Plan to dispense Bibles: Uplifting News from Venezuela

We just finished a trip with two huge trucks loaded and ready for Bible distribution along with support materials. We see people walk, ride bicycles, or paddle canoes for hours or even days for the opportunity to receive a Bible. It seems the entire country is desperately seeking the Lord. Large numbers of people are going to church. We had to limit 200 Bibles per church while some churches have thousands meeting to share Jesus. After our team left, we heard they continued celebrating all night into the following morning with singing and dancing.

Demand for Bibles in Venezuela by the boat full

Desperately Need to Give Out Bibles

Now is the time more than ever for Bibles, New Testaments, and children’s Bible materials. The economy in Venezuela is completely devastated. Now is God’s time for Venezuela. We hope and pray we will be able to complete our goal of 2 million Bibles.

 Join Us Today in Impacting the Venezuelan Church with Supplying 2 Million Bibles. See more HERE.

Thanks so much for your support. Venezuela will never be the same.