2021 International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Thank you for praying & standing with our persecuted family; above all, this IDOP prayer guide will help you to pray for specific details connected to those who are risking much for the sake of Jesus.

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) falls on Sunday of November 7, 2021. IDOP is dedicated to remembering the martyrs and saints of Christianity.

Prayer Guides Work as India Expands, but the Nation Has Overwhelming Needs

India is one of the most challenging nations on earth to share Christ. In fact, there are over 1.35 billion people, and as a result, the vast majority have little or no access to the gospel. Praise God, over the past decade, the SOM India network has expanded from 3 to 42 Church planting schools a year throughout 18 states. Pray for the expansion of Church Planting Schools and Lighthouse Discipleship Schools to reach all regions of India. We desire for the Indian planters to find courage in the face of fear (Acts 1:8). We are trusting God to develop leaders within the Indian network to include extending beyond India into other regions. Join us in prayer for resources to fund the 22+ schools scheduled to open in late November.

Muslim World Tests, yet Opportunities are Bountiful


Overall, getting the good news of Jesus into Northwest Africa and Bangladesh is daunting. Furthermore, religious leaders from within are quick and zealous to oppose the gospel. We are rejoicing at three hundred and ninety church planters are graduating in North Africa. Jesus is the way to bring peace between God and the Muslim world. Pray that believers receive a more profound revelation of their identity in Christ and confidence to witness (John 1:12). In addition, we are believing God can grant blessings for a sustainable, abundant physical and spiritual harvest to expand the work. Join us in prayer for the Lord to empower and raise new and effective leaders.    


Crisis Continues in Venezuela, but the Word of God Moves Forward


Praise God, SOM Latin America distributed 308,000 Bibles in Venezuela this year. Each Bible represents a lifeline to life, spiritual health, and maturing faith. With mass Bible distribution, we hope the Word of God spreads to remote areas and into tribal languages to be received and understood. Also, please pray the Lord will draw persons of peace forward to make more disciples and to multiply. 

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Pray for Greater Global Outreach & Resources