Strategic Plan for SOM in 201 and 2022

The Biblical Road Map for SOM in 2021 and 2022

Spirit of Martyrdom operates with the primary objective of Internationally Serving Leaders Who Risk Much for Jesus.


How does SOM serve and support international leaders? 

Faithfully, the ministry serves by providing prayer, Christ-centered leadership influence, Biblical counsel, steady financial increase with maturing spiritual fruit, and engagement on the field as expedient. 


SOM’s objective is to develop Biblically and Kingdom-minded relationships. 

The priority of this strategic plan is the least-reached, most persecuted areas of the globe. Also, reaching leaders who advance the message and life of Jesus through their sacrifice and lifestyle. 


SOM speaks on behalf of our global network, which we consider family. 

Regularly, we communicate on behalf of our persecuted family to our partners monthly, via mail, email, web, and multimedia productions. In addition, we speak at Christian gatherings as invited. We are looking to especially share through the influence of video productions with partners and kindred-hearted friends. Above all, we desire to continue to reach out to develop new partners and to mature in our relationship with existing individual partners and church partners.


SOM produces books and resources to exalt Christ and strengthen the Body.  

SOM’s collection of books communicates stories, visions, and values about the work in the persecuted church, especially from India, Colombia, and the Muslim world. Furthermore, our strategic plan will continue to pursue the publishing of another book or two this year to share the heart and perspective of the work.

SOM empowers believers to be bold witnesses for Christ around the world.   

We regularly distribute encouragement and resources, as requested, for discipleship to our partnership base. For this reason, we promote our Global Ambassador’s network and training to equip leaders to be more effective disciples of Christ.


SOM even shows grace to the enemies of God with the witness of Jesus Christ.

Jesus says, “…Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you….” Matt 5:44 


Consistently, the example of Jesus Christ is to love and show kindness to those who oppose the gospel, as demonstrated by his example to Paul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9). Therefore, we regularly promote the message of loving our adversaries and courageously making disciples of our enemies.


SOM prioritizes activities among our contacts that share the love of Christ in the most persecuted and restricted areas of the world.