Ministry Leader Reaches Hundreds During Final Months

My husband, Karu, was a church planter who poured his life for Jesus even unto death. We were married for six years serving Jesus and raising our tiny girl. Karu graduated in the 20th class of church planters in April 2021 and began leadership for Jesus.

He fell sick suddenly

Karu was a man with a deep passion for the Lord. He truly lived for the lost and dying world. When he suddenly fell sick, our Hindu neighbor noticed and as a result, asked the people to stop attending our prayer meetings. Filled with hatred and enmity, the neighbor tried to stop us from leaving our home or even people coming to our home.

Even so, hundreds of people came to visit our residence. Praise God; after Karu prayed, the Holy Spirit healed people and drove out spirits in the name of Jesus. The news is spreading how Jesus is changing the lives of broken people. The power of Jesus was manifested in our home.

Our Food Rations Were Gone

Because of our confinement, we were not able to purchase more food. One believer risked much to drop food off at home before being chased away. Thank God! Gradually, my husband’s health went from bad to worse, nearing death. My father-in-law courageously walked to the government-run health facilities for help. They ridiculed and shamed him, saying, “Your Jesus does not need medicine. Why do you come to us?”

Many Were Transformed through Last Days of Church Planter

During the last two weeks of Karu’s life, however, a tremendous peace came over him. He passed away knowing his salvation in Christ was secure. After his death, our regional leaders were able to find favor from the local police authority to allow a final gathering for the church planter. There was a great witness through the memorial service! The police knew my husband had prayed, and we saw many people healed, so for this reason they showed much favor toward us.

The Family of God Continues to Grow through the Church Planter

I am so thankful for the SOM-India ministry. The Lord grew our house-church ministry to 20 families in our region, and God’s Word continues to spread. Last month, in fact, five church planters passed away. Amazingly, the SOM-India network continues to witness and glorify Christ by life or death.

Thank you for praying for the ministry that my husband left behind. Pray for the Hindu villagers and the church planter helping oversee the ministry of my husband. May the Lord deepen my desire to serve the women and children.