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Testimony: Overcoming Isolation by Faith 

Lighthouse Leader Overcomes Extreme Isolation by Faith Unfortunately, even though I was married for ten years and blessed with two children, my husband left me in 2016 because he was in a relationship with another woman. I was heartbroken. Alone and unskilled, I could not qualify for any job. We were dependent upon my husband to make our living, so when he

Explosive Growth in Broadcast, Desperate Need for Bibles in Venezuela

Broadcast Expands, but the Need for Bibles in Venezuela is Desperate Our radio broadcast has reached a new tribe in Venezuela in their native language for the first time. We have contacted a large tribe of over 100,000 people who speak the language and are eager to hear the Word.  There is a new need for Bibles!  We only knew

Message from a Bible Translator

Bible Translation and Distribution Impacts Community For those living in the land of information overload, it’s difficult to conceive of a world without phones, the internet, radio, information, and access to a Bible translation in your native language. Nevertheless, many quadrants of the world have ZERO access to any information to understand the Gospel. This huge void is where the

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God’s Goats in Bangladesh Gain Ground

Often, the Image of the Goat Gets a Bad Rap If a player causes their team to lose a game, he is considered the “goat.” Jesus divides the sheep, and the goats in Matthew 25, referencing goats as evildoers. Why Use a Good Goat? To the church planting network in Bangladesh, the new gang of goats acquired has been a

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The Miraculous Gift of a Bicycle for a Church Planter in India

Testimony of a Church Planter in India    I thank the Lord for His call upon my life during this global pandemic crisis. Due to the reduction of our work hours, I am experiencing much pressure to help our family survive. To make a living, I walk or take local transportation a few hours away. Still, the Lord has been

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Deadly Protests: Colombia

Opportunities for Clear Witness Amidst Deadly Protests in Colombia Imposing severe and prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns President Duque of Colombia finally realized this was bankrupting the country. Then, in desperation, he pushed a supposed "tax reform" with serious tax hikes.  The tax reform caused the country to explode into chaos with massive demonstrations and protests. These soon turned into riots infested with

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Extreme Poverty In Mexico: Solutions

Helping Impoverished Tribes in Mexico Become Self-Sustainable Recently, we visited a mountainous tribal group who were anxious to see their crops grow. Indeed, this was a sign of hope, for those in extreme poverty. Hope for a better season filled with enough food to sustain them. In case, there are not enough crops to sell, they pray the food will

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Sewing Discipleship Ministry Expanding in Bangladesh

Sewing Ministry is Growing In what has already been effective in India, the Sewing Discipleship ministry is now getting more established in Bangladesh. The women from six Lighthouse schools who completed training in June are taking the gospel into remote tribal areas. The women are equipped with the Word of God. They share love, the power, and the mercy of

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North Africa: Banner Class of 209 Church Planters Graduate

Discipleship Schools Flourish in North Africa In mid-June, the North Africa church planting schools graduated 209 students! In this country's history, this number of church planters commissioned at once stands out as a major milestone. Representatives from all different regions joined in the celebration at the festive graduation. Altogether, the graduates were filled with deep gratitude and were ready to

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Church Planting Schools: India

India Church Planting Schools Graduate 20th Class Amazingly, at the end of April, the ministry in the SOM India planting network graduated the 20th class of church planters in 20 schools throughout the country. Furthermore, six hundred church planters and two hundred Lighthouse Sewing/Discipleship school workers also graduated for a total of 800 new workers. Above all, praise Jesus for

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Northwest Africa Leadership Expanding Monthly

Report: Mission Fields in Northwest Africa God is doing wonderful things in our lives! The Northwest Africa Director reports: “The church planting schools are doing fantastic! I just came back from leadership training for the Church Planting School and Lighthouse School leaders.  We are so thankful. Soon, we will have another leadership training in Northwest Africa. Likewise, each month, we

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Risking Much for the Gospel | Venezuela

Braving Danger to Deliver Bibles, Books and Radios for Venezuelans Nearly 1400 miles border Columbia and Venezuela, where mission field workers risk much for the Gospel Mission field workers are risking much to bring the gospel to the people of Venezuela. First, the border between Colombia and Venezuela has officially been closed for over two years. While the border

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Myanmar | Global Alliance Releases Joint Statement on Coup Crisis

Refugees fleeing Myanmar arrive in Bangladesh. Photo credit: Patrick Brown /UNICEF Global Alliance Condemns Myanmar’s Military Regime’s “Total Disregard” for Freedom of Religion or Belief The Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP), an international coalition of Christian organizations, released a Statement this week on Myanmar. In fact, the group condemned the illegal coup of last February by the military. They expressed

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Promise Keepers: Do You Have Summer Plans?

  Promise Keepers is partnering with SOM International to mobilize thousands of men across the USA. SOM International is inviting men to join us in the SOM section of the stadium in Texas. The time is now to register for the Promise Keepers men’s event on July 16th and 17th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.   Video - Promise Keepers

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Why Christians are #1 Persecuted People in the World

Christians face daily threats around the world In countries where freedom of faith is only a distant dream, Christians face persecution every day. Additionally, National leaders often push minority groups aside. These leaders in power have structures in place to acquire and maintain control.  SOM International has witnessed this dynamic for over a decade on multiple continents around the globe.

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