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[Urgent Prayer] Bob Fu, Director of China Aid – Persecution in the USA

Waves of Persecution Break Out on American Shores Bob Fu, Director of China Aid, and the recent account of persecution in the USA By David Witt CEO, SOM International Communism in America? How would you feel if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began persecuting you and your family directly in the United States? Can you picture a dozen

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My Transformed Life – Mexico Story

My Transformed Life A brother in Christ from the city shared the Lord with me in my remote village. I was far from Christ's ways and was a corrupt man. I would drink a lot and frequently visit brothels. I was a very unfaithful man. When I met Christ, my desires changed and I felt liberated. It has been three

New Far Reaching Radio Tower Covers All Venezuela

Installing radio towers is not for the faint of heart. Climbing up to elevated heights is daunting. Facing strong winds in high temperatures requires patience.   Overcoming numerous technical difficulties for weeks takes perseverance. Nevertheless, by the grace of God, SOM Colombia workers accomplished the complicated task of installing a radio tower on the Colombia border that extends transmission all over

India Story – Scars of a Lady Bears Jesus’ Redemption

Scars of a Lady Bears Jesus' Redemption I was raised by a Hindu family and married a Hindu man. We were blessed with two children. There was much stress and many troubles in my life. Shortly after my wedding, a Christian friend shared the gospel and I received Christ as my Savior. Many times, my husband chased me out of

Bangladeshi Couple Leads 56 People to Christ

Bangladeshi Couple Leads 56 People to Christ   “… love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8 A fellow believer in Bangladesh shares: Before we met Jesus, there was no peace in our personal lives. There was no joy, and there was little hope. But when my husband and I met Jesus, we found great love and peace.

Wandering Persecuted Migrant Workers in India Discover Christ

Wandering Persecuted Migrant Workers in India Discover Christ   There are 620,000 villages in India, and COVID-19 has turned village life upside down.   The dominant Hindu caste often persecutes the migrant lower caste workers – creating “wandering refugee camps.” The Hindu government deepens the problem by controlling the food supply. Large numbers of migrant works are wandering from place to

Former Islamic Leader now Shepherds Jesus’ Flock in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, an Imam carries great honor and respect. (An Imam is an Islamic leader over an entire community of Muslims worshiping at a mosque.) Below is a story of a former Islamic leader who now shepherds Jesus’ flock. When I was a child, several Christian workers reached out to our family by their example of care. They served our

India – Caught Between Persecutors

Aarav Ministering at House Church   In one area of our village, there are radical Hindus and on the other side, militant Communists. After graduating from the Church Planting School, the Lord placed me in a remote tribal village where there is a lot of fear and turmoil. The nearby dense forest is ideal for the communist militants to hide and do their

Harvest in Senegal

Reported by SOM Senegal Director God is opening many doors amidst this uncertain time and He is using the believers to shine brightly. Many people have come to Christ over these last several months. Praise God we were able to do a youth camp in the south with limited people. Those who attended went out into the village ministering the gospel

Persecuted Christian Kogi Indians in Colombia

On August 6th, 2020, the Kogi cabildo leader José de los Santos Sauna Limaco, governor of the Kogi – Malayo – Arhuaco Indigenous Reserve in Colombia, was declared dead in a clinic. A Colombian Navy helicopter transported him to a clinic in Santa Marta three days prior to his death, as he was suffering from a high fever and having

(VIDEO) Radio Expansion Throughout Latin America

Radio Outreach in Mexico Expanding Christ's Message SOM Mexico workers have been connecting with our contacts in Colombia. They saw first hand the incredible impact the radio ministry has had across South America. We are rejoicing with them in the expansion of the radio ministry in Mexico. Watch the encouraging video below of SOM Mexico/MAPS putting up their radio tower and

Mending Old Garments to Refresh as New – Sewing & Discipleship Schools

SOM International India: Mending Old Garments to Refresh as New Empowering Women through Sewing & Discipleship Schools   “Behold I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21:5)   My husband died in 2018 and my life was filled with great distress. Living in my small village in India, I felt insignificant and each day was filled with emptiness because of

SOM India Graduates 18th Class of Church Planters, Despite COVID

SOM India Graduates 18th Class of Church Planters, Despite COVID This is one of the biggest days of students’ lives. Born into the rural, largely illiterate villages of India, the prospects of getting an education in the lower castes is extremely rare. Studying for a Christ-centered education opens doors of opportunity, previously unavailable. Therefore, with great celebration 505 church planters

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Poem: A Cry From The Persecuted

The grief and pain that entangles me deep within. The thoughts and tears are mingled in. The breaking and aching that’s become so familiar. I take a deep breath and breathe in my Savior. I cry and cry and cry only to look in Your eyes and see your tears holding mine. Taking away every fear. You looked at me.

Bangladesh Report – Many People Are Coming to Christ!

Bangladeshi Believers Intercede During COVID-19 Praying More People Come to Christ *Faces have been blurred for security purposes Bangladesh Report - Many People Coming to Christ! *Praise God—During COVID-19, we have been able to tell more people about Jesus. *Praise God—In July, sixty people accepted Christ as their personal Savior. *Praise God—We are starting one

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