Update On Kelly From Colombia

Colombia  Update About Kelly     Click Here to Listen to Update Kelly's husband Pabel was martyred in 2014 while delivering Bibles

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Latin America Update – Shaken

Reported by Russell and Marina Stendal Implementation of the Peace Accord has been slow and filled with obstacles. The FARC guerrillas finally

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Peace Treaty Update

  October 2016   Latin America Prayer Alert   Peace Treaty Update   Reported by: Russell and Marina Stendal The population voted

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Personal Note from Kelly in Colombia

APRIL 2016 Personal Note from Kelly in Colombia I felt God had abandoned me after my husband Pabel was killed and I

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Article on Russell Stendal

How An America Preacher Came To Help The Colombian Rebels Who Abducted Him   As an American citizen traveling through remote corners

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Latin America – Prayer Alert

Latin America Prayer Alert Russell and Marina Stendal Bogota, Colombia July, 2015 As battles rage all around us excellent opportunities for the

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Latin America Update

Cease Fire Rescinded Fighting Escalates   Prayer Alert Reported By: Russell and Marina Stendal Bogota, Colombia June 1, 2015 Over the past

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Latin America – Prayer Alert

Special Report Regarding Russell Stendal  Reported By: David and Cindy Witt  (April 1st, 2015) Spirit of Martyrdom Ministries Bogota, Colombia We just returned

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Russell Stendal Arrested-Tried-Released

Russell Stendal Arrested-Tried-Released   "If you preach the true Gospel of the Lord, you will have to live it...our Lord Jesus said

Russell Stendal Arrested-Tried-Released2019-07-31T07:56:32-07:00

Pabel – Fearless Martyr of Love

Pabel and his wife Kelly Israel David (5 years old)  and Linda Estefania (3 years old) Pabel entered into the Loving Presence of his

Pabel – Fearless Martyr of Love2017-07-19T16:24:12-07:00

Latin America Update

During the month of November, we recognize the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. In the last nearly 20 years of

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Latin America Prayer Update

Latin America Prayer Update Written By Russell Stendal  This started out helping 50 families of Paez Naza Indians who had been severely

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Nov 2013 Latin America Newsletter

SAVED BY GRACE... AND BOLDLY SHARING WITH OTHERS Written by: A Colombian Worker;   Russell Stendal had sent some boxes of books

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July 2013 Latin American Newsletter

Prayer Alert from Russell and Marina Stendal I sense great turmoil in the spiritual realm as a tremendous battle is taking place.

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June 2013 Latin American Newsletter

Latin America Prayer Update Written By Alethia Stendal   This month has been so far a very exciting one. Several radio stations

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June 2013 Newsletter

Colombia Fearless Love: Written By David Witt Isaiah 41:10  Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am

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May 2013 Latin American Newsletter

Prayer Alert from Colombia   It seems that the Latin America ministry has gone into overdrive this year. Everything is moving forward

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April 2013 Latin American Newsletter

Prayer Alert from Colombia   When I first asked Rick and Bebe to consider a missionary trip to Colombia, South America they

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March 2013 Latin American Newsletter

Prayer Alert from Colombia   Written by Russell Stendal Jr.For twenty days, starting the first of December 2012, Christian McConnell, Ethan DeLong,

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Jan Prayer Alert from Colombia

Prayer Alert from Colombia   We are on track to finish the fifteen new radio installations that I had been asked to

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Prayer Alert from Colombia

THANK YOU for your PRAYERS and HEART for the people of COLOMBIA!  Our team just returned from that beautiful country in South

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Latin America Prayer Update

Things are going quite well and very intense as usual. We have been working hard on the big Disney transmitter and now

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Hope In Colombia: 2012

WITNESSING FEARLESS HOPE IN COLOMBIA Reported By David Witt   Spirit of Martyrdom is delighted to join Russell Stendal in serving the

Hope In Colombia: 20122017-07-12T13:11:24-07:00

October Newsletter 2011

AMERICAN PASTOR GONE BOLD Reported By David Witt "We are His witnesses, God has called us to go," stated Pastor Rob Purdy

October Newsletter 20112019-07-31T09:03:32-07:00

September 2011 Newsletter

From Religious Confusion to Witness of Christ By Russell Stendal, Latin America   South America is full of religious confusion from atheism

September 2011 Newsletter2019-07-24T11:26:01-07:00

June 2011 Newsletter

Fearless Love: How to Love a Thief  Tanvir told the Spirit of Martyrdom team, "My Father is an Imam - a Muslim

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Summer SOM News Letter

FEARLESS FAITHFUL of Colombia   Russell is one of our contacts in Colombia who exemplifies a life of Fearless Faith.  The Scripture

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May April E-mail Newsletter

The word "Christian" is found only three times in the Bible.  The word "disciple" is used 260 times.  God not only calls

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Late Summer Colombia Construction Trip

Spirit of Martyrdom is sending small construction team to help in the maintenance of this Bible seminary campus. You can help us

Late Summer Colombia Construction Trip2019-04-10T07:58:47-07:00