On August 6th, 2020, the Kogi cabildo leader José de los Santos Sauna Limaco, governor of the Kogi – Malayo – Arhuaco Indigenous Reserve in Colombia, was declared dead in a clinic. A Colombian Navy helicopter transported him to a clinic in Santa Marta three days prior to his death, as he was suffering from a high fever and having difficulty breathing. His death has been attributed to COVID-19; he was 44 years old.

This is the man who was an enemy of Christianity in his tribe, who actively persecuted and maliciously punished the Christian Kogis, as well as falsely accusing them and denying them access to resources. Even so, the loss of a human being is deeply sad, and we hope and pray that he might have received mercy in his last days.

christian kogi indians in colombia José de los Santos Sauna Limaco

José de los Santos Sauna Limaco


New Kogi Leader Bringing Spiritual and Biblical Wisdom

I spoke on the phone with Tom, the new political leader of the Magdalena section of the Kogi tribe; he has been building up spiritual and biblical wisdom as well as faith in the midst of all the pressures he faces. Concerning the death of Santos and the repercussions it will have on the Christian Kogi community, he says that he feels like God has fulfilled his promise that he received even as a child, when it was prophesied that he would face much persecution for the cause of Christ, but that God himself would act to free him and his people.

He sees the present circumstances as the hand and providence of God, as new opportunities have opened up. “We are like dust” he said, “in comparison with the things that God is doing and the way he ordains all things in His sovereignty, and to the dust of the earth we shall all return. And just like with Pharaoh, God used him to set an example and to glorify himself by contrast.”

The association and legal entity that opposed and hindered Tom for so long has crumbled, since the figurehead and personality of Santos is what maintained the coordinated efforts against Christianity in the Kogi tribe. Without him, there will be less opposition and more freedom of religion.

Tom says that he feels that right now during this time of social distancing, all Christians need to be fasting and praying in order to build up their spiritual sensitivity, humility, and self-control for the times that are coming, ready to cross the Jordan River when we are told to take the promised land; and there is much land to occupy. He says he has just completed a 40-day intermittent fast, eating only one meal a day, and it has helped him to grow spiritually.

Furthermore, he says that in order to conquer the Promised Land, our slavery in Egypt must be left behind; and we must strengthen our faith and walk by it, and not merely by sight. So then God’s people need to be wary and diligent in their thinking and acting, as they sally forth to face their enemies. Glory and honor to God forever and ever.

We are always so appreciative of your prayers and support.

Reported by Pat Stendal and Grandson, Kaleb