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New Far Reaching Radio Tower Covers All Venezuela

Installing radio towers is not for the faint of heart. Climbing up to elevated heights is daunting. Facing strong winds in high temperatures requires patience.   Overcoming numerous technical difficulties for weeks takes perseverance. Nevertheless, by the grace of God, SOM Colombia workers accomplished the complicated task of installing a radio tower on the Colombia border that extends transmission all over

Persecuted Christian Kogi Indians in Colombia

On August 6th, 2020, the Kogi cabildo leader José de los Santos Sauna Limaco, governor of the Kogi – Malayo – Arhuaco Indigenous Reserve in Colombia, was declared dead in a clinic. A Colombian Navy helicopter transported him to a clinic in Santa Marta three days prior to his death, as he was suffering from a high fever and having

(VIDEO) Radio Expansion Throughout Latin America

Radio Outreach in Mexico Expanding Christ's Message SOM Mexico workers have been connecting with our contacts in Colombia. They saw first hand the incredible impact the radio ministry has had across South America. We are rejoicing with them in the expansion of the radio ministry in Mexico. Watch the encouraging video below of SOM Mexico/MAPS putting up their radio tower and

Brinkman Adventures Series – Featuring Russell Stendal

Brinkman Adventures Audio Dramatization Series Featuring Russell Stendal Captured in Colombia 1 Minute Sample Brinkman Adventures Season 8 features 2 exciting episodes that will take you on an adventure through the jungles of Colombia with Russell Stendal. Russell was kidnapped by guerillas for 142 days. Held at gunpoint deep in the jungle and with little else to

President Maduro of Venezuela Receives Jubilee Bible

An Amazing Event In December 2019, President Maduro of Venezuela received the Jubilee Bible (Edited by Russell Stendal), La Montaña and one other book written by Russell Stendal. This is further evidence of revival building in Venezuela! Please continue praying for the provision of 2 million Bibles for Venezuela. Donate For Venezuelan Bibles

Urgent Prayer for Colombia

December 03, 2019 This past weekend, a huge national strike was broadcasted to begin on December 4th bringing protests and violent acts to destabilize the country until December 10th. Yesterday morning we received information from our Christian native friends in Cauca. The radical native Paez Indians, who have persecuted the Christian Paez for many years, called a delegation from Cauca and Huila to join

Courage in Colombia – Russell Stendal’s Friend Interviewed on 100 Huntley Street

Powerful story about forgiveness from the wife of a martyr in Colombia. Russell Stendal and SOM-USA are working alongside Kelly in Colombia. VOM Canada working with Colombia Para Cristo supplied the funds to build a house for Kelly and her children. Kelly is one amazing woman of God!   Learn More - Bibles For Venezuela Project

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My Father’s Heart

My Father's Heart by Alethia Stendal EXCERPT FROM ALETHIA'S UPCOMING BOOK: In the past, there have been lots of chances of turning back, only dad never did.  When I was 11 years old the missionary school in Bogota where I attended was suddenly swarming with missionary kids fleeing the violence of the eastern planes.  Ray Rising had been kidnapped causing

Fighting For Religious Liberty For Women

Fighting for Religious Liberty for Women - Reported by Marina Stendal Russell and I, along with our thirteen-year-old granddaughter Gabriella, recently traveled to Nigeria to attend conferences on women’s religious liberty and freedom. We were very impressed with the Christian African leaders we met. In Colombia, the security in rural areas has degenerated, particularly in areas known for drug growing

Russell Stendal Featured on Canadian Program: Hundred Huntley Street

Below is a video interview with Russell Stendal that aired on 100 Huntley Street program. Resources from Russell Stendal

One Million Bibles For Venezuela

Transporting this Amount of Bibles per Week for 100 Weeks In order to reach our goal of one million Bibles for Venezuela we would have to transport this many Bibles per week for the next 100 weeks. Then, only 1 Venezuelan in 30 would have a Bible. However, it would be enough to greatly encourage all the churches and to give

Radio Broadcast and Bible Distribution…

Radio Broadcast and Bible Distribution on One of the Most Dangerous Borders in the World   The situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate. In the midst of the upheaval we are engaged in distributing a container load of beautiful study Bibles to besieged pastors and leaders. There are many places where the border between Colombia and Venezuela has been closed

Lomalinda: A Beautiful Hill by Russell Stendal, Jr.

Lomalinda is a beautiful place! by Russell Stendall, Jr.   It’s located in the plains of eastern Colombia, however Lomalinda isn’t flat. Lomalinda translates to “Beautiful Hill” an apt name for this land.  The rolling hills are a peaceful contrast from the stubbornly flat land it lies between. Sadly, Lomalinda has not seen peace for the last few decades. It has

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October Latin America Prayer Alert – Watered In Faith – El Tablón Update

Watered in Faith Reported By Samuel Hernandez We send our most sincere appreciation for the help received from our partners, individuals and anonymous friends who continue supporting the tremendous work of God in Colombia. The El Tablón project to help persecuted displaced Paez Christians in Colombia is doing well. A few weeks ago, we inaugurated the new land for a

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Bibles Without Borders Project – Latin America Update

  January 2018 marked the 54th anniversary of the ministry of our family in Colombia. I was eight years old at the time and can still vividly remember the night flight from Miami to Bogotá in a four-engine piston DC-6 over the moonlit Caribbean. At dawn we reached the north coast of Colombia and the vast Sierra Nevada snow-covered mountains

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