Hosting a Discipleship or Evangelism Workshop

SOM Workshops Serve Christians in the USA.. We currently offer 2 workshops: Discipleship & Evangelism

First a little information about our workshops

SOM International discipleship and evangelism workshops are distinctive because scripture is orally taught and orally transferred. These workshops are effective for a diverse, multiethnic, multi-generational audience.

  • The Discussion Discipleship Method Workshop (DDM) is an effective tool that equips Christian leaders to multiply disciples!  DDM uses questions and discussion to engage Scripture and dig out observations of truth.  It strengthens understanding and retention, builds relationships, and fosters biblical life application.
  • The Evangelism Workshop teaches tools in evangelism and making disciples. Our methods are not new, since they are rooted in God’s Word. Simply, it is using the Word of God to share our faith in a comfortable conversational way. The SOM Trainers will encourage and energize your local community of believers.

Core Biblical Principles We Teach

  • Inductive Bible Study

  • How to Know the Word of God

  • Listening to the Holy Spirit

  • Asking Discovery Questions and Obeying God’s Word

  • Implementing Leadership Skills

  • Active Listening – Small Group Leadership Development – Reproduction (Leaders Developing Leaders)

  • Increasing a Global Vision for the Body of Christ

Upcoming Workshops

Why the Church is Growing

In Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America, the Church growth in persecuted regions is especially inspiring. What is the common denominator of this exponential growth? The answer we find is a fervent love of God and His Word. History reveals that when people get back to the Word of God, hearts are softened and prepared for revival. SOM International created these workshops for Christians in the United States to glean from biblical and productive practices that Christians overseas are using for explosive Church growth.

Taught in a Weekend

How: Each Workshop is Designed to be Taught in One Weekend

(Friday night through Sunday afternoon)

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Small Team of Instructors
    We try to keep a high ratio of one instructor per every four students. This allows for deeper relationships and a more personal learning experience.

Discipleship Workshop

  • Participants are Taught How to Study and Apply God’s Word
  • Personally applying God’s Word and then leading others inductively, through learning Scripture portions with interactive questions.
  • Emphasis is on multiplication for participants to immediately teach others the Discussion Discipleship Method. (Includes practical application of leading inductive Bible study over a weekend). Click Here for More Information

Evangelism Workshop

  • Participants are trained in learning short portions of the Word of God accurately and then develop questions for relational spiritual conversations on faith in Christ.
  • The Goal of the Evangelism Workshop is to help Christians use the Word of God confidently and comfortably with non-believers/believers and then use interactive questions to help others discover the gospel instead of telling them the gospel. We teach three chronological Bible stories and share the Law as a tutor unto grace, in a conversational approach…listening and responding with love. The Evangelism Workshop schedule is a combination of teaching and practice. Click Here for More Information

What Does it Cost?

SOM International is a ministry of faith, therefore, we do not charge a fee in order for staff members to visit and train your group. For out of town workshops, we ask that the host provides housing for the instructors and meals and snacks for the instructors and attendees throughout the workshop weekend.

*$50 participation fee for the workshop. If the participant is unable to pay the fee, scholarships are available.

The Global Picture:

We want to encourage and empower your local body of believers with overcoming stories of our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. As available, during the workshop weekend, we would be glad to have one of our instructors speak at your local church and/or gathering.

If you have any questions or would like to know more information, please email or call the SOM International office at 928.634.1419. We will be glad to answer all of your questions and to schedule training in your home group, church or organization.

Helpful Hints for a Successful Workshop

Most Effective for Kingdom Impact and Long-Term Success:

  • A commitment to host four workshops throughout the year. The first workshop is our Discipleship Workshop. SOM will send the Instructors for this initial training. All graduates of the Discipleship Workshop will be considered Assistant Instructors.

  • The second Discipleship Workshop will be held during the second quarter of the year. The graduates of the first workshop will instruct for this workshop and SOM staff will support and coach the local Assistant Instructors.

  • The third quarter will be the Evangelism Workshop and in the fourth quarter again the graduates will instruct with SOM staff coaching the leaders.

  • Pattern Encourages Three Levels of Growth:

    1. Personal Application and Witness of God’s Word
    2. Multiplication by Teaching God’s Word to Others
    3. Reproduction and Teamwork by Instructors Teaching Instructors.
  • The vision is for this quarterly pattern of Workshops to continue into the future with SOM International providing support as needed. This paradigm is designed to maximize church growth for depth-first and then facilitate a broad impact on others

    1. A commitment from the leadership in your home group, church, or organization is important.
    2. Long term success is not possible without full support from the leadership.
  • Host Church/Organization Support:

    • Provide Instructors lodging and meals.
    • Instructors will provide their own transportation to and from your area.

Questions? Please Contact Us:

If you are interested in the opportunity to host a workshop, please fill out this FORM.