Reported by SOM Senegal Director

God is opening many doors amidst this uncertain time and He is using the believers to shine brightly. Many people have come to Christ over these last several months. Praise God we were able to do a youth camp in the south with limited people. Those who attended went out into the village ministering the gospel and sharing basic needs and soap to help prevent COVID-19. Local authorities and police also joined in helping!

When hardship comes, the Kingdom herd rises up and people recognize the different lifestyle.

It has been the best rainy season in 20 to 30 years! God is answering the prayers of many. During this time, people have been struggling to provide food and basic needs, but with a good rainy season, many believers are harvesting corn, peanuts, and other food. God is providing and using them to impact the lives of others in their communities.


Selfless Service to Others, Creates Selfless Hearts

The community of believers have been selflessly serving many villages. God moved in the heart of someone to donate a piece of land for us to build a center on and serve more people. The man said, “You are doing great things, and I don’t know anyone else who is doing these things at this time.”

One late afternoon, Pastor Pape went out to meet another young pastor on the land. Pastor Pape’s son is around 5 years old and wanted to follow his dad. Pape’s son knows the way, but when the wind and rain started coming down, he began to run and got lost.

Pastor Pape returned home and could not find his son. Pape got on his bike to go look for him, but fell off the bike and it landed on top of him. It was already dark outside and because it was raining, it took some time before somebody came to help him. Many people were looking for Pape’s son, but with it being so dark, they could not find him. In the middle of the night, someone brought Pape’s son home!

Pape and his wife asked the man, “How did you know this is where the boy lived?” They explained that some kids had seen their son before when some believers were handing out gifts and basic needs. They said, “We think this boy lives at the home where the people were giving gifts!” Pastor Pape and his family were very thankful and rejoiced greatly.

When you act in selfless service and love to others because of Christ, others will see, receive, and desire to do good in return.