Christians face daily threats around the world

In countries where freedom of faith is only a distant dream, Christians face persecution every day. Additionally, National leaders often push minority groups aside. These leaders in power have structures in place to acquire and maintain control.  SOM International has witnessed this dynamic for over a decade on multiple continents around the globe.

Moreover, Christians are the #1 persecuted people group in the world.  Why do Christians take the lead in affliction?

Therefore, the following are five main reasons Christians face the heaviest weight:

1. The Gospel brings transformation (Revelation 21:5), and people hate change.

The heart of Jesus is to restore a sinful and broken world, but many governments, systems, and peoples have adopted the entrenched “status quo” and are resistant to change.  For example, in Mexico recently, a couple was threatened with death because they were sharing the Gospel in an area where pagan traditions were deeply entrenched.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to break down walls of resistance through key leaders that have a heart for the Lord.  Biblical examples of key “agents of change” in positions of influence include Joseph, Esther, Daniel, and Nehemiah.

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2. The Gospel presses for surrender and Holy Spirit control (Luke 9:23), which contrasts structures and systems built upon man-made control.

North Korea, for example, places extreme controls on their people’s minds, bodies, and souls, which keeps the vast majority in strict compliance and isolation from Christianity.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to work supernaturally to engage the lost to experience the love of Christ in nations where the freedom to think for oneself is nearly impossible.

3. The Gospel challenges demonic activity and Satan’s nefarious kingdom of sin.

From the beginning of creation (Genesis 3), Satan has been at work to undermine faith and to “kill, steal, and destroy” (John 10:10b).   Light exposes the nefarious deeds of the night.  In Africa, tribal leaders obsessed with animism and witchcraft oppose messengers of the Word and Truth.

Pray that the Father overrides the Kingdom of Darkness with His Love, Power, Grace, and Peace. Even so, pray that His workers stand firm despite the great cost. 

4. The Gospel presses against economic barriers and entrenched financial structures that limit freedom in industry.

The grace of Christ empowers the poor and the outcast to find meaning and purpose as Christians. As a result, SOM International is working to create new jobs in the sewing/embroidery industry for widows previously employed in sweatshops.

Similarly, pray the Lord would give encouragement and strength to believers to venture further and deeper into creating expanding work opportunities for the poor and disenfranchised.

Christians face daily threats around the world

5. Finally, the widespread expansion of the Gospel has spread the Christian faith into areas previously untapped. 

The greater the expansion of redemptive Hope, the greater the opposition. The growth of SOM church planting in remote places in India runs up against resistance the further out the network advances.

Above all, pray that the Lord would cleanse the Land. Pray, He prepares the soil of man’s hearts as the Word goes forth across the globe.

Ultimately, the Lord uses persecution to expand His Kingdom and set apart His people to mature in the Christian faith.

“…But we glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character; and character hope.” Romans 5:3-4

Christians may be the #1 persecuted group globally. We are taking the good news of Jesus Christ to every tribe and nation. SOM International exists to serve internationally those who risk much for Jesus.