Breakthroughs, Bibles, and Broadcasting in Latin America

By Russell and Marina Stendal

Work continues to advance on many different fronts.

Vast breakthrough developments: we are getting ready for another major print of the Jubilee Study Bible, as funds are available.  Another development as the COVID restrictions have relaxed, it is now possible for us to access many of our high mountain transmitter sites to repair or replace necessary equipment.

Progress Taking the Gospel to Coastal Areas

Challenging new opportunities and progress are opening up to transmit the gospel into the Pacific coastal areas of Colombia. This is a prominent hot spot, along with the eastern border into neighboring Venezuela. Major revivals continue in both regions, and the demand for Bibles, literature and other materials remains high.

Parachutes Ready – Need Materials

Another pivotal developmental step forward: we’ve been given a chance to deploy more parachutes containing solar radios and Bibles into hostile guerrilla areas.  There are still two guerrilla groups that have not entered into the Peace Accord.  Right now, we have more than 20,000 parachutes ready to go. But we do not have any materials to put in them yet.

A Significant Development: Broadcasting from Bogota

Powerful government leaders are encouraging us to step up our radio broadcasts into these problematic areas that the government has not been able to bring under control.  Taking care of the immediate needs will require at least another ten radio transmitters to be built.

Our studios here in Bogota continue to produce high-quality radio programs aimed at the current needs.  Also, we are producing many of our audiobooks in English and in Spanish (available on Audible and other platforms online).

Stand with us in praying for the Lord to expand broadcasting and publishing efforts in the most difficult to reach places in Colombia, Venezuela, and South America.