Broadcast Expands, but the Need for Bibles in Venezuela is Desperate

Our radio broadcast has reached a new tribe in Venezuela in their native language for the first time. We have contacted a large tribe of over 100,000 people who speak the language and are eager to hear the Word.  There is a new need for Bibles!  We only knew about a few thousand in Colombia until now. A missionary just finished translating parts of the Old Testament and all of the New Testament. We are helping to print and to distribute the new translation.

Completing the Scriptures allows us to give the missionary airtime on our radio stations. This tribe will hear the Word for the first time in their language. 

New Transmitters Increases Outreach Capacity

We have been able to install more transmitters and improve the antenna strength along the border region. We are finding that more radio stations within Venezuela are downloading our programs and airing them. The combined effort of printed Bibles, radio programming with tribal languages, and added transmitters significantly impacts many Venezuelans hearing the gospel.

Desperate Need for Thousand of Additional Bibles in Venezuela

Immediately, many people within the Christian villages desperately ask for Bibles, and even people in non-Christian villages are pleading with me to send someone to teach them about God. We are working with local pastors to help train and develop leadership. Our books and other materials are in high demand with pastors who want to disciple those who have a call to ministry. There are thousands of pastors in Venezuela and along the border using our materials.

Responding to the Gospel on the Radio, but Venezuelans Unable to Afford a Bible

Imagine the Situation Venezuelans are In 

The distribution of Bibles has opened up an entirely new avenue of trials. Believers in Venezuela live in dire circumstances, which are difficult for us even to comprehend. An average Venezuelan makes less than $4 U.S. dollars per month. A Jubilee Bible would be worth about $50 U.S. dollars on the black market if someone were willing to sell it.

If your family was starving, and if you had the opportunity to sell your only Bible for the equivalent of one year’s wages, would you sell your Bible to buy food? Or would you be willing to spend one year’s wages to buy a Bible? If we can fulfill our goal of flooding Venezuela with millions of Bibles, this will go a long way towards resolving many problems.

Finally, pray for the Lord to provide for these overwhelming needs, and consider how the Lord could use you to support the work.  Go to Bibles for Venezuela for more on how you can help!