During the month of November, we recognize the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. In the last nearly 20 years of this special focus of prayer, millions have prayed for our global family. Much intercession has been given for peace in Colombia. In recent years, the Colombian government has entered into peace negotiations with the FARC communist on the Island of Cuba. The Stendal family and the staff have been instrumental in this peace process. In many secret meetings in the past two years of negotiations, Russell, Alethia and other workers have met with top FARC and government officials. Until recently, we have not shared many of the details of these meetings and how God is touching the hearts of many officials. The Lord has prompted Russell that for such as time as this… it is now time to shine the light! Russell and his daughter Alethia just released the book, Hidden Agenda. It is personal, transparent and surprising in detail.





Alethia shares, “When a friend of mine read the manuscript, he said, ‘The stories of the people in this book are so personal, you might offend them if you write them all into a book,’ I thought about it for a few seconds and replied, ‘It stopped being their own personal story the moment their decisions affected the lives of every human being in Colombia. The families of all the countless victims in Colombia deserve to know what is really developing on the island of Cuba.’ ”

In my opinion this is a must read book. It will encourage your faith. As a gift, we will ship a hardback print book to you upon request. Our new website is under construction so please contact our office via email at contact@spiritofmartyrdom.com or by phone at 928.634.1419. If you prefer the instant EBook you can find it on Amazon. Thank you for your continued passion and partnership in serving the living martyrs of love in Latin America and around the world.