Why Are Christians Persistently Persecuted?

Christians face daily threats around the world in countries where freedom of faith is a far cry from reality. For example, international

Why Are Christians Persistently Persecuted?2023-08-08T11:03:00-07:00

Notorious Persecutors Then and Now

The favorite “hobbies” of some government and religious leaders yesterday and today involve oppressing, intimidating, and killing Christians, much of it for

Notorious Persecutors Then and Now2023-08-09T11:01:01-07:00

Persecuted but Not Abandoned

By Dave Arden What a great joy and honor to meet face-to-face with our persecuted brothers and sisters in India. While the

Persecuted but Not Abandoned2023-05-30T10:17:32-07:00

Bangladesh Outreach Faces Threats and Arrests

In the middle of January, two million Muslims gathered for the Bishwa Ijtema, one of the largest Muslim festivals in the world.

Bangladesh Outreach Faces Threats and Arrests2023-05-30T10:15:45-07:00

Church Planter: Dying Impact

Ministry Leader Reaches Hundreds During Final Months My husband, Karu, was a church planter who poured his life for Jesus even unto

Church Planter: Dying Impact2021-10-31T09:40:12-07:00

High Risk. High Return.

Leaders risk their lives for Christ. SOM International serves leaders who risk much for Jesus. We work with leaders in high-risk areas,

High Risk. High Return.2021-03-17T15:08:42-07:00

Persecution of the Early Church

The Persecution of the First Missionary and Martyr to Muslims His name sounds like he could lull you to sleep, but Ramon

Persecution of the Early Church2021-03-03T21:39:27-07:00


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