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Is the Jubilee Bible a Good Translation?

Russell Stendal Answers the Question, "Is the Jubilee Bible a Good Translation?" Jubilee Bible Prioritizes Context and Spirit of Truth By Russell Stendal Many years ago, I was given a copy of an old Spanish Bible translated in the heat and enthusiasm of the Reformation—which was brutally put down in Spain by the Inquisition—when it was common practice to burn

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Bold Leadership of Christians in Bangladesh

Leading Like Christ Series By David Witt   Leadership of Christians in Bangladesh The SOM International Director of Bangladesh is a hidden jewel in Asia. He turns fifty-six this year—my younger brother by one and half years and has over thirty years of faithful kingdom service in one of the most unreached and impoverished nations on earth. This article in

Every Day a New Christian Martyr

By David Witt CEO Spirit of Martyrdom During the Soviet Union era, for three years for her faith in Christ. Mistreated and malnourished from the torment of guards for her faith, she nearly died in these camps. She was separated for fourteen years from her husband Richard, a pastor and author of Tortured for Christ. Sabina once told me, “Martyrs do

Aviation Ministry in Mexico Goes Further than Ever Before

Aviation Ministry in Mexico Goes Further than Ever Before Leading Like Christ Series By David Witt Good leadership is founded on following first. The SOM Global directors are people who have bent their will to the will of Jesus first and to follow and to obey Him in all things. Christ-like leadership reflects true humility, which is not self-debasing nor self-exaltation;

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This is God’s Time for Either Repentance or Collapse

Venezuelan Economy Collapsing Twenty-five years ago, some of my Colombian pastor friends, thinking that their Venezuelan counterparts were too proud and arrogant, were fond of stating in no uncertain terms that the neighboring country was due for a healthy reality check. This was when Venezuela was one of the most prosperous countries globally, with its per capita income in the

Richard Wurmbrand’s Tortured for Christ – Book Review

The Beauty of Whole-Hearted Sacrifice When picking up a paperback of Richard Wurmbrand's classic signature work, Tortured for Christ, one must be forewarned that it is not for the faint of faith. The founder of Voice of the Martyrs, Wurmbrand states, "This book is written not so much with ink, as with the blood of bleeding hearts." Pastor Richard Wurmbrand

What Is a Living Martyr?

Many paradoxes fill the Christian life: grace and strength through weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9); wisdom through foolishness (1 Corinthians 1:18); greatness through humility and surrender (Matthew 20:26). Add one more to the list: a "living" (vibrant and alive) "martyr" (suffering one). In the New Testament, "martyr" translates as "witness." A witness is somebody who testifies in an ethical or legal

Building the Church in India: A Church Planting Vision to Transform the Subcontinent

Church Planting Vision Transforming the Subcontinent of India Leading Like Christ Series By David Witt This series has been my delight to share our global directors' Christ-like leadership insights and styles. Today, I reflect on the SOM International Director of India. He is passionate about growing the church in India.  I see these qualities of Jesus in this leader: Mighty

Fertilizing Discipleship

Fertilizer and Discipleship? The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom in discipleship, and sometimes we see the humor in the understanding. Who would guess that fertilizer in Northwest Africa plays a crucial role in ministry? Dirt mixed with organics and manure? What's the value? Yet nearly 70 percent of all Northwest Africans make a living from farming, and almost all Northwest

Leadership: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

  Leading Like Christ Series Amid this series on Christlike leadership, it is fitting to reflect on the attributes of our executive director, David Witt, who started SOM International in November of 2007. The Lord has used David’s vision, passion, and capable leadership to bring countless people to Christ. His gifted directorship also stretches those around him and elevates the

Ukraine: The Hand of God

From the Desk of CEO, David Witt Over years of working in hostile environments, I learned to ask, "What is God doing?" It is easy to be distracted by the violence of humans, and the schemes of evil forces. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine ushered in global empathy. Christians on both sides find themselves trapped in a battle. Scripture reminds us,

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Bible Delivery

Dangerous Conditions Mark the Bible Delivery Journey Encouraging Bible delivery testimonies abound as we travel into remote areas like dangerous Colombia -Venezuela border.    Praise God—the Lord has raised many pastors and evangelists to work under challenging conditions with little or no outside support. I recently met with two believers who work with one remote tribe. They (along with their

Generosity: SOM-South American Leadership

Leading Like Christ Series Continuing the series on SOM International Directors, I want to highlight a slice of Russell Stendal's life. I first met Russell around the year 2003. Over the years, we have grown to be fast friends. His wisdom, biblical insights and generous spirit have supported and guided me. Russell's ministry path may also be the most unconventional

SOM International – Northwest Africa

Leading Like Christ Series In the coming months, I will be sharing my observations of the mature Christ-like leadership of each SOM Global Director. They all have similarities in leading effectively while also having simultaneously unique styles. I hope to share a slice of their lives to encourage you to pray for these humble men and inspire your witness of

Nineteen-Year-Old Discovers Pioneer Missions

I remember my first pioneer mission trip like it was yesterday. Loaded with excitement, we headed to the Tex-Mex border on spring break from the Baylor campus to reach out and share the gospel with a community I had never heard of before. The town was called La Paloma. Just a naïve, untrained, nineteen-year-old freshman, I had no idea what missions was.

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