Flooding in BangladeshFew nations present as many obstacles to sharing the Gospel as Bangladesh. For example, getting to the remote tribal areas in Bangladesh require traveling through long, winding, rough roads.

Additionally, news of flooding and death in the lowlands is so common that it rarely affects people. Even this week, when writing this article, there are many reports across international news of death and destruction from flooding.

Nevertheless, SOM Bangladesh workers forge ahead with courageous faith, completing their sixth class of church planters. In six different schools around the country, the leadership network continues to reach out and share Christ by giving away many tracts and engaging in conversations to share the love of Christ.

Every time a new class of planters graduates in Bangladesh, this is a unique opportunity for the message of the resurrection to go further and deeper into remote areas.

Church Planting Family in a Bangladesh Thrives

Pastor M. works with his wife in remote tribal areas of Bangladesh. He is currently sixty-two years old and serves as a devoted pastor.

The tribal peoples of Bangladesh have a unique dialect, culture, and vibe all their own. Most tribal peoples are Buddhist, but there are also Hindus, Animists, and Christians. Furthermore, the people live a very simple life and are more open to the Gospel than in the urban areas.

“We have three sons and daughters, and all of them are studying in schools and colleges. Please keep praying for my family and our ministry,” Pastor M. said. “We’re working for our tribal people in the area of the village, remote, and hill regions. We’re so thankful to you for your prayer, help, and support in doing His ministry here in Bangladesh.”

Request for Prayer and Special Needs of the Tribal Area in Bangladesh

rickshaws in BangladeshSpecifically, the work in Bangladesh needs financial support for sewing machines, audio Bibles, church planting schools, tract distribution, and flooding disaster relief. Pray for God’s continuing goodness, favor, and love to pour into remote areas of Bangladesh where Jesus is known and disciples are grown. Also, pray for the Lord to raise leaders to reach the urban areas where most people are Muslim.