North Africa Testimony

(This story has been sanitized for security reasons. Details of names and places have been omitted or changed. The English has been

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Muslim World Update

Sahar's Testimony Hello Family, My name is Sahar and I am 20 years old. I was born into a wealthy family and

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Muslim World Update

  My name is Ali and I am 22 years old. I was born in an ordinary religious family, but my family members

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Muslim World Update

Click Play on Video to Listen to Update   Victory in the Midst of Persecution   My Christian name is Mary; I am from a

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Testimony from the Muslim World

Testimony My name is Paul Modou and I am 42; I grew up in a Muslim household. I belonged to a religious

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Hope for the Soldiers of ISIS?

Testimony of Transformation in the Middle East Here is a testimony from a house church planting movement in the Middle East that

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Fearless Faith in North Africa

SOM Senegal Prayer and Praise Update Written by SOM-Senegal President Malik My name is Kumar.  I was born in the country of

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March 2013 Senegal (Africa)

Fearless Hope: Update on Pastor Jose and Zeneide in Senegal (Africa) Reported By David Witt   In February, we visited Pastor Jose

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February: Guinea Bissau, Africa

Fearless Faith: Guinea Bissau, Africa Reported By David Witt   Zareb is 25 years old from the Fula Tribe in Guinea Bissau,

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October Newsletter 2012

The End of Islam? A House Divided... Part 1  Written by David Witt   Fear seems to be ruling in the Muslim

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April Newsletter 2012

April - Fearless Faith in Algeria Saighi Krimo is sentenced to five years in prison for boldly sharing his faith in Algeria.

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January Newsletter 2012

Arab Summer Harvest? Reported By David Witt News of the turmoil and government transitions from the Arab Spring dominated the media this

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Algerian Freedom – Final Week

Count our Blessings This is the final week of our Algerian Freedom campaign. We are greatly encouraged by the past seven weeks.

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Algerian Freedom Week 7 of 8

Soccer - a Holy Sport? Soccer is popular in Algeria and now to Christians soccer is a reminder of God's sovereign grace.

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Algerian Freedom – Week Six of Eight

Algerian Freedom Week Six of Eight--Prayer and Action The United States relationship with Algeria has been a roller coaster over the years.

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Algerian Freedom Week Four of Eight

Algerian Freedom Week Four of Eight--Prayer and Action This next Monday, August 1 officially starts the Islamic fast of Ramadan in Algeria.

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Algerian Freedom Week 3 of 8 Prayer and Action

Politics in a free state should mean just that - Freedom. We have a Constitution that promises us freedom to choose creed, speech, religion, politics

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Algerian Freedom

Algerian Freedom (July 5 to August 26, 2011) Dear Prayer Warrior , In an effort to help an estimated 100,000 Algerian persecuted brothers and

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April 2011 News

Fearless Love: Joy in Passion  This week Christians around the world celebrate the pinnacle of the Christian faith, what many call, "Passion

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