Freedom By Forgiving

Salamn’s Testimony

My name is Salamn and I am 26 years old. I am married and have one child. I grew up in a wealthy family, but I worked hard and had to pay for all my own expenses. My father never helped me even in my hardest days. I am a street peddler and I sell clothes and photo frames. I moved to another city with my wife and my child.

My brother-in-law was struggling with financial problems and owed money to many people. When I saw his wife and his child in a bad situation I felt I needed to help them. I knew most of the tradesmen, especially many peddlers, because I was social and well known. I suggested for my brother-in-law to come and work with me. I was paying the rent and bought the merchandize and we were selling them together. He was just helping in selling the goods. All of my friends disagreed with me and said, “You must hire him as a seller, not a partner,” but we shared what we earned equally. I was helping him get his life together.

One time he left his job for 73 days and went to his city to do some official work in a field that was inherited to him from his grandfather. During these days, I welcomed his wife and their son in our home and showed hospitality. Every night I divided the income into two parts and gave one part to his wife. I didn’t have to pay them this money, but because he was my partner I paid them the money. I was kind to him, taught him how to work better, and helped to make him known with our customers and people who were important in our job.

When he came back to his job he told me that it was too small for us both to work and he asked me to leave and start working somewhere else. He was saying these things about my job and my place and he was driving me out of what was mine. I was shocked by what I was hearing. I left him and I promised to never forgive him.

One day I was selling my merchandise and two guys came to me and asked the price of something and little by little we started talking about God. They told me you can be God’s friend and have a close relationship with Him. They said that God loves me so much.

I asked them how could this be possible because I had sought to know God in many ways, but all of them were useless. They said that they are reading some stories about God and if I start reading and obeying them I would have new experiences with Him. After a while they came and brought me the first story. When I read the Scriptures, I found out that God is merciful to men and forgives them. I decided to forgive my brother in law and I did it with all my heart.


Afterward, I felt a strange joy as if I was on top of the world. I began to share with friends the good news. My wife had been urging me to forgive him for her and my mother and father’s sake, but I couldn’t even talk about him. However, listening to these stories, I forgave him in a moment and it was unbelievable to me.

I have only read the first story, but I am eager to share them with my wife and all my relatives. My extended family listen to what I tell them. Although I am young, they consult with me about their marriages and important decisions. I desire to share with them of how God has touched my heart and I know He will touch their hearts too.

Thank you for your prayers as we share Christ with the hurting people in the Middle East.