From Defeating Hopelessness
to Overcoming Peace



Hello, my name is Tuba and I am 26 years old. I got married four years ago, but I got a divorce six months ago and now I live with my sister. This is my testimony of how God found me.

Most families in my nation do not have peace. My parents were fighting most of the days and there was no peace in our lives. It was as if a war was going on every day.

I tried bringing peace between my parents, but it was impossible. I got married quickly because I thought I could have peace in the arms of a man, but my marriage was worse than my parents.

My first days of marriage were good, but quickly after the days were like hell. My husband and I could not understand each other at all and we fought most of the time. I couldn’t tolerate my husband’s unkindness towards me. We could not trust each other and most of the time we were angry. This led to us getting a divorce.

I came back to my family’s home, where I had no peace, but it was better than my marital life. My heart was broken and I was thinking about how to end my life. I hated everything.

One day I went to the city by the subway. A lady sat beside me and started talking to me about her life and the difficulties she had. She told me that she had no peace, but her life was different from mine because God had changed everything in her life and gave her peace. I asked her what had happened and that was the beginning of our relationship. We started reading the stories about God that had transformed her life.

During the first sessions of reading nothing was happening, but a great power made me keep reading. A peace was settling in my heart as I read the stories. It was the peace that I was looking for for years and I even got married to have, but nothing brought it until now. One day my mother asked me to stop reading the stories, but I told her that I could not stop reading them because they make me happy and calm and a great power is moving me to read them.

After five weeks, I came to know a great man named Jesus who I could give all my burdens to and find rest in. I believed in Jesus as my savior and gave Him my life, my heart and my sins. Nothing else is important to me. I was looking for peace and now I have peace in God and in obeying Him. I will continue with these stories and nothing can separate me from them. I love to read them all to the end because I have a God now who gives me peace.