Often, the Image of the Goat Gets a Bad Rap

If a player causes their team to lose a game, he is considered the “goat.” Jesus divides the sheep, and the goats in Matthew 25, referencing goats as evildoers.

Why Use a Good Goat?

To the church planting network in Bangladesh, the new gang of goats acquired has been a significant boost in more ways than one.

In Leviticus 16:20-22, the Lord instructs Moses and Aaron to gather the “scapegoat” – a foreshadowing of Christ Himself—and confess the sins and iniquities of Israel over the head. Sent away was the goat, reflecting the movement of the sins of Israel into the wilderness.

What are the benefits of investing in goats?

  • Goats generate significant quantities of milk and provide healthy nutrients to children and adults. Along with milk, goats can produce cheese and yogurt.
  • Goats reproduce, and their offspring can generate income for families to sustain themselves.
  • You can train goats who mature to carry goods and supplies.
  • Goats clear the land and remove unwanted weeds.
  • Goats are inexpensive and do not require many shelters.
  • Goats provide a perpetual quantity of fertilizer to support crops.

Lord Transforming Souls

The Lord is continuing his vibrant work in Bangladesh, working in the fields of souls. SOM Bangladesh Director reports, “The Lord has brought about change amongst the believers as they are growing in the Lord! They have an eagerness to win lost souls. They love the Lord, and they love each other.”

SOM Bangladesh Director celebrates the opportunity,

“Our leaders who have received goats are delighted. They are grateful to the Lord and you for your support. They are working joyfully for the Lord. We are living for the Lord and working for Jesus.”

Pray that the redemptive work of Jesus continues to expand throughout Bangladesh and the Lord to pour out His favor upon the farmers as they receive strength.