From Brokenness to Joy

Chahna’s Background

My name is Chahna. I was born into a Hindu family. My father and mother worshiped idols. My father would often yell, which made my mother angry, causing them to fight all the time. It was a broken home; my parents were never concerned about my sister or me. It was common for one of us to run away from home during my childhood. I grew up with fear and pain in my life and never found peace.

My parents would tell us about different gods and goddesses to worship and pray to about our problems, but it never helped. We had a lot of pictures of gods and goddesses on our walls, and I would focus on them for a long time.

Running Away from Home

I had a lot of fear and wanted to leave and live with my relatives. I called my uncles and aunts and told them my home is filled with fear, so I ran away. After I left home, my aunt, who knew Jesus, shared, “You don’t have to live with fear. I have some good news for you. There is a true God who can set you free from all your fears, tension, and struggles. She took me to meet other Christians. My aunt began to love me with a motherly kind of love, which I had never known before.

At age 16, my parents arrived at the home where I was living. My mother took a large item and threw it at me with anger, it just missed me. My father said I dishonored the family by not living at home. They tried to force me to leave.

Chahna’s Salvation

My aunt prayed with me. We visited other Christians who also prayed for me. I saw her spirit of love and care for others and I began to think, “How could she take care of me when she is not my birth mother?” She told me, “Jesus loves you more than I love you. I love you because Jesus loves you.” That touched my heart. Through the influence of my aunt, I gave my life to Jesus.

After I became a Christian, I received a completely new life and a renewed joy. I saw the neighbors and other people with pain and problems like I once had, and I told my aunt, “I want to serve and help others.”

One day, I was trying to share the gospel in our village and some of the village people beat me because I was Hindu and became a Christian. My aunt told me, “Since you are alone and want to serve Jesus, I will pray for a Christian husband for you.”

Chahna’s Marriage

My aunt wanted me to find a Christian man, but my other family wanted me to marry a Hindu man. My Hindu family forcefully took me away and arranged a marriage to a non-Christian man.

My relatives told the man to act like he was okay with me being a Christian. He acted that way in the early days of our marriage until he began to beat me. He wouldn’t give me food and would beat me even when I was carrying our baby. He got very angry when I would meet with other Christians, pray or talk about Jesus. I began to expect severe beatings. Others did not want me in their homes because my husband would come and cause them to fear. I began to feel very alone.

My husband tried to force me to worship gods and since I wouldn’t, he abandoned me with our child. I had nowhere to go.  Then I met some church planters. They took care of my child and me with great joy and wanted me to share my testimony with others. I have forgiven my husband for what he has done and pray for him to know Jesus.

Chahna’s Testimony

My story of trouble and separation touched the hearts of my father, mother and some relatives and they have come to Christ! I have great excitement sharing my love for Jesus to children and others.

Some brothers and sisters helped me get training to learn to sew.  I now have my own micro-business while witnessing my faith and hope to others. I also learned to become a blessing and spread the fire of Jesus. I want to share the good news of Jesus while reaching India and the world for Christ!