It takes much sacrifice and risk to bring the Word of God to these unreached areas.


“Reached” territories of the world have accessibility to Christian resources and materials, cultural acceptance and infrastructure for Christians to gather together.


”Unreached” people groups do not have easy access to Christian resources and taking the gospel to these areas can be dangerous and difficult. “Unreached” by the gospel is defined by less than 2% Evangelicals and/or less than 5% who identify as Christians. (

Be Encouraged!

We hope this preview of the daily lives and culture of our brothers and sisters living in the 40% unreached population around the world emboldens you to join us in bringing hope to the hopeless.

Be encouraged . . . you are a vital part of the 3% of Christian resources impacting the 40% unreached and restricted areas worldwide.
Thank you for supporting SOM International as we serve leaders in unreached and restricted regions of the world.