This is my testimony about becoming a Christian in Asia. My husband cheated on me after our two daughters were born. He became involved in a relationship with another woman in our village. One day, he said, ‘He was going to work,’ and he never came back. I was very broken physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Since my marriage was not an arranged marriage, I felt ashamed to go back to my parents.

As far as my community is concerned, our work is to keep the streets clean as well as the public toilets built by the government in various places. For some unknown reason, I was removed from the work after my husband left. We had nobody in the community to talk with or turn to for encouragement. I loved my husband very much and it was extremely difficult for me to forget him because I felt betrayed. I was emotionally wounded and completely lacked peace.

One of my children contracted polio. She was not able to walk and that was a very heart-breaking time. A Christian preacher came to our village and he shared the gospel. He then prayed for my daughter and she was instantly healed! We were amazed to experience the power of Jesus touched my daughter even though we had never worshipped Him. Our hearts were filled with joy and hope.  We then shared our problems with the preacher. He further explained to us, “The blood of Jesus can give you peace.” I began to tremble with fear and felt a power was touching me. I wept for my situation bitterly. I craved for love, acceptance, and satisfaction. The preacher led me in a simple prayer to confess my past and welcome Jesus into my life.

A new joy and peace entered my heart. This was a great experience for me and for my two children. We immediately began living in a new way. The Lord provided for us miraculously. Even though I still had no work, my faith in Christ continued to increase as the Lord connected us with a Christian group.

I had no idea how, as an unskilled and unschooled woman, I could ever get a job. The Christians began to pray for me very sincerely. In answer to all our prayers, there was an opportunity for me to learn how to sew in my own micro-business and to grow in sharing the gospel.  Afterward, I began my trade and witnessing right in the village where once had I lived without hope and purpose. Now, all I knew was that Christ had found me. I’ve been witnessing to hundreds of people in the village and praying for the people who come to me with their problems. Also, the Lord is meeting our needs through my sewing trade. I am so grateful to the Lord and those who helped me.

Thank you for praying for me and for my two children so that we will live for the glory of God.