From the Desk of CEO, David

In many ways, these are unprecedented days and I am writing this for your encouragement. SOM International staff will continue to serve our partners and international family during this current global crisis. We are taking physical precautions as well as addressing the spiritual needs during these days of fearful uncertainty. We want to assure you that we are here to strengthen your faith and together, love the Global Body of Christ. During seasons of difficulty, we have much insight to draw from our persecuted brothers and sisters.

This year, I have received reports from our Christian leaders who are anticipating the unique global work of the Lord. Consider the revival in Venezuela, Northwest Africa, and India as small examples that the Holy Spirit is on the move. The COVID-19 virus is certainly a domino effect of mighty gospel opportunities. Our global leaders are seeing COVID-19 virus humbling nations of persecution and God drawing people to Himself as some are considering life and death issues like never before. If you have not seen and heard about the prayer and outreach of the Church in China, consider watching this video: The COVID-19 virus is undoubtedly stirring the Global Church for more boldness and urgency in these days.

For years, the USA and much of the world has rejected the rest that we have in Christ. We have turned into 24/7 cultures with no days of rest. As a culture, we have lost our Sabbath spiritually and physically. The last possible societal rest that I can remember is right after 9/11, and the world stopped for a week to consider matters and mourn. This crisis is an opportunity for people to cease striving, draw close to family and friends, and consider matters of eternity and pray. I encourage all of you to use this time to read the Bible and be still. (Psalm 46:10)

I believe that the Lord is using these events for a final and vast outpouring of the Spirit. I believe the Scriptures are clear that the Church will present the gospel to all nations, and then the end will come (Matt 24). We know from the whole counsel of Scriptures how God will separate the chaff from the wheat in these latter days. The glorious conclusion is that Christ and the saints overcome.

Let us keep in mind that in every catastrophe, the most vulnerable of the world suffer the most. While this will feel very hard upon Europeans and Americans, the developing world will experience the highest consequences economically and medically. Christians in restricted regions of the developing world are already discriminated; therefore, imagine the impact upon their lives. During this season, let us have an attitude of gratitude. The Word of God promises us that His people will not lack food, shelter, and provision. We are the ones that can be leaders in generosity to others and examples of faithful giving. Let us look to share with our neighbors, friends, and those vulnerable in our society. At the same time, let us share with our Global Church network and not grow weary in doing good. The SOM global network working and living in restricted nations will have some of the greatest needs in the days coming, and we honor the Lord as we share with our worldwide family.

If we can serve you with any prayers, materials, and words of encouragement, please let us know. Thank you for remembering our global family during this season of refinement and opportunity.

Your Chief Encouragement Officer,