International Family Update

Our international family is pressing forward with much fruitfulness during this global pandemic. In the past two weeks, SOM-USA has shared emergency funds to help equip our global family where they needed it most. Below are snapshots to give you insight into how COVID-19 is affecting them in their area of the world.

Senegal: Many people in the villages work for their daily food and have lost their jobs. Markets in the smaller villages which were usually busy with people buying and selling produce and supplies are closed. Markets in the larger cities are open, but with limited times. People are scared and see the lack of power in Islam. Because they have more time, they are more open to listening to the gospel. People are coming to us, asking for help. We share, “You have prayed to your god, would you like us to pray to our God?” People see the peace of God in the midst of the crisis and a difference in our lives. Please thank our partners in the USA. We have shared some funds for medicine with a person who was very sick. We also have been buying food for others.

India: 80% of Indians are day laborers and work for their daily food. Indians are afraid that if the virus does not kill them, starvation will. Recently, the prime minister called all Indians to turn off their power and light candles in the expectation of 33 million Hindu gods being released to kill the coronavirus. We did not turn off our lights, nor did we light candles in this idol worship. We prayed that the Hindu leaders of this country would humble themselves and seek the Lord’s face and turn from idol worship. Thank you for joining in prayer for our nation. We know the Light of Christ is our only hope. We already have an anti-virus. . . it is called the blood of Jesus!  SOM-India was able to match the funds from SOM-USA and gave funds to the 50 most needed house churches. These house church leaders received the gift of funds with tears in their eyes.

Bangladesh: Everyone in Bangladesh is scared. We have the highest density of people in the world. We lack medical support and supplies. We are having special prayers for God’s protection and provision. We were able to share the funds from SOM-USA with eight house churches in remote areas. They were very thankful!

Mexico: Mexico does not seem as bad as the USA. . . We still have TP! (Wish we could share, our shelves are full of normal paper goods as well as food.) Everyone is staying home, but fearful. We are using this time for radio production. We have recorded the Discussion Discipleship Method and Witness Development Method in Spanish for radio. This time at home is helping us complete much-needed projects for radio. Please pray for the people who live in remote mountain villages. It is difficult for them to gather food and medical supplies up in their areas.

South America/Venezuela:  Venezuela has been in a national crisis, before COVID-19. A  Venezuelan police officer said this before any of us even heard of the coronavirus. “We are in the midst of a national nightmare. God has shown me that the situation will get much worse before it gets better. This crisis is necessary in order to remove corruption and cleanse the country down to its very foundation. At the same time, I have been shown that God will once again bless our nation, beginning with widespread distribution of the Bible.”  Please pray for the people of Venezuela…many were already living with difficulty and now the virus will intensify daily needs. Those who have been involved in the Bible distribution shared, “We have never seen people so hungry for the Word of God.”

South America/Colombia: The Stendal’s shared that Colombia is similar to the United States with school closures and “shelter in place” being enforced. However, they are using this time wisely and Russell is preaching several times a week on a YouTube channel for live streaming!  Click on the links below to view Russell live or listen to past messages.

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