Sponsor a Church Planter

Sponsor a Church Planter

Sponsor a Church Planter

Each church planter is in need of biblical training and practical tools for planting new churches.  This sponsorship provides them with practical ministry tools and support to start new fellowships in remote villages.

  • Sponsor a Church Planter for Six Months: $280 ($46/month)
  • Sponsor a Church Planting School: $8,400 for 6 months of training or $16,800 for 1 year of training
  • Provide a Bicycle for a Church Planter: $100 each
  • Graduation Gospel Power Tool Set: $65 (New Bible, Pastoral Resources & Graduation Expenses)

Become a Monthly Sponsor for a Church Planter: $46 provides training for 1 church planter for 1 month.  Click here to set up monthly automatic donations.



Bicycle for a Church Planter: $100

A church planter, who receives a bicycle, will plant 3 times more house churches within the first 12 months.  Your support equips church planters in sharing the gospel to the most remote regions.



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