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From the Desk of CEO, David Witt

Over years of working in hostile environments, I learned to ask, “What is God doing?” It is easy to be distracted by the violence of humans, and the schemes of evil forces. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine ushered in global empathy. Christians on both sides find themselves trapped in a battle. Scripture reminds us, humans are God’s image-bearers representing His goodness and peace. The shedding of blood is an outcry against God himself. God declares order, beauty, and even nature proclaims His glory; yet, fallen humans are bringing destruction.

The Word of God says our battle is not with flesh and blood but against spiritual rulers, authorities, forces from heavenly places. (Eph. 6:8) Even though many may feel President Putin is the King on the chessboard, he is just a chess piece, and greater hands move him with biblical vision. Likewise, Russian soldiers are pawns in Ukraine, in the more significant contest of clashing principalities. Without the Holy Spirit cleaning the heart of people, everyone’s heart is bent on evil and destruction. (Proverbs 14:12)

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The real adversaries of Ukraine are the evil forces of fleshly rebellion

The corporate world’s refusal to give God glory, and the enemy’s influence of deception. To fight well as soldiers of Christ and overcome, we must understand the battle and who our real enemy is.

Richard Wurmbrand, a persecuted pastor in Romania during the days of the Soviet Union, understood this battle. In 1948, hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers marched into the Romanian capital. Richard prepared his congregation with these words, “Since 1919, Russians have languished without God’s Word in an atheist nation. The Romanian church did little to reach them. So, God has graciously brought the Russians to us.” Richard with his congregation stood in the streets to greet the soldiers and hand them Bibles as they marched along.

Scripture tells us that God is sovereign over the ways of humankind and even over the wiles of evil forces. God uses the plans of people and demonic forces to bring His glory and blessing to the children of God. According to the promises of our Lord, the hand of God turns acts of evil to good through discipleship, character development, and abundant spiritual fruit. The Lord is using the present difficulties of Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world, to humble people and restore God’s order.

How we can pray for Ukraine