How Do I Donate Online with Zero Fees?

In your personal PayPal account, click on “Send Money to Friends”. You will enter Becca@spiritofmartyrdom (SOM staff Accountant) as the contact email.

How Do I Donate Online with Zero Fees?2019-05-06T15:52:03-07:00

How are the funds used?

We are a part of Excellence in Giving and Guidestar. Please feel free to email us requesting the financial information for the

How are the funds used?2019-05-06T15:51:39-07:00

How can I get involved?

We have many great opportunities for volunteers locally and across the country. Click here to visit our Get Involved page to view

How can I get involved?2019-06-18T09:38:29-07:00

How can I donate?

Donate on our webpage with an e-check or credit card. Click Here to Donate Donate over the phone (928-634-1419). We are able to

How can I donate?2019-06-18T09:31:26-07:00


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