Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Donate Online with Zero Fees?2019-05-06T15:52:03-07:00

In your personal PayPal account, click on “Send Money to Friends”. You will enter Becca@spiritofmartyrdom (SOM staff Accountant) as the contact email. This will add the money directly to our SOM account with no fees being removed.

How are the funds used?2019-05-06T15:51:39-07:00

We are a part of Excellence in Giving and Guidestar. Please feel free to email us requesting the financial information for the breakdown of our funds. contact@spiritofmartyrdom.com

How can I get involved?2019-06-18T09:38:29-07:00

We have many great opportunities for volunteers locally and across the country. Click here to visit our Get Involved page to view your options.

How can I donate?2024-06-13T14:33:18-07:00
  • Donate on our webpage with an e-check or credit card. Click Here to Donate
  • Donate over the phone (928-634-1419). We are able to process a credit card or e-check and we cover the fees.
  • Auto Donation. Set up an auto donation to be processed with our office every month. Either a credit card or e-check can be processed. We cover the fees.

The most cost-effective way to donate to SOM is with an e-check because it carries the least fees.

If you would like your donation to go to a specific part of our ministry, you can designate your gift to that. If there is no designation for your gift, the funds go to the greatest need at that time.


What is our connection with Russell Stendal?2019-05-06T15:50:30-07:00

We are Russell Stendal’s USA office. We handle all of Russell’s finances and correspondences. We mail out his prayer updates and provide him with 100% of the funds that are given for his ministry.

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