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SOM Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the highest populations and poorest nations on earth. SOM-USA has supported Bangladeshi Christian leadership with assistance of distribution of tens of thousands of Bibles and Christian materials since 2008.

In 2017, a faithful Bangladeshi Christian leader established SOM-Bangladesh. In 2019, they started their first Church Planting School and Sewing Discipleship School to empower the leadership and multiplication of the Church at Risk in the region.


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Meet the Director of SOM – Bangladesh

  • His lineage is from the minority Hindu background.
  • He has been a champion of organizing teams to distribute gospel materials to the largest gatherings of Muslims in the world.
  • Over his life-time of ministry, it is estimated that he has distributed more than one million gospel materials to Bangladeshis.
  • He was put into jail for his witness of Christ, but continues to courageously reach the lost in Bangladesh.
Unreached People Groups
Unreached People
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Latest News from SOM Bangladesh

Faith Builds in the Forgotten at Bangladeshi Sewing School

Sewing Faith into Villagers  Testimony of Hope from Sewing/Discipleship School Student Because of knowing faith in the Lord as my Savior since my early teen years, I have faced severe persecution in my own home. My parents desired to undermine my faith and arrange a marriage to a Hindu man. For ten years, this man mistreated me. Sometimes after returning from a house church meeting, my husband would not allow me to eat food or share the same bedroom. He expressed much hatred towards me. His anger continued as he felt embarrassment over me not agreeing with the Hindu faith. He

Bangladeshi Couple Leads 56 People to Christ

Bangladeshi Couple Leads 56 People to Christ   “… love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8 A fellow believer in Bangladesh shares: Before we met Jesus, there was no peace in our personal lives. There was no joy, and there was little hope. But when my husband and I met Jesus, we found great love and peace. I was deeply troubled in life before I came to faith. Life was filled with abundant worries. But when we met Jesus, we were given the hope of new life and Heaven. My husband I now serve with SOM Bangladesh

Former Islamic Leader now Shepherds Jesus’ Flock in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, an Imam carries great honor and respect. (An Imam is an Islamic leader over an entire community of Muslims worshiping at a mosque.) Below is a story of a former Islamic leader who now shepherds Jesus’ flock. When I was a child, several Christian workers reached out to our family by their example of care. They served our community and provided many items of support such as a small metal house, some goats, cows, and even blankets. They also distributed tracts and booklets, with information about the Lord. The Christian workers shared important Bible verses with me like

Bangladesh Report – Many People Are Coming to Christ!

Bangladeshi Believers Intercede During COVID-19 Praying More People Come to Christ *Faces have been blurred for security purposes Bangladesh Report - Many People Coming to Christ! *Praise God—During COVID-19, we have been able to tell more people about Jesus. *Praise God—In July, sixty people accepted Christ as their personal Savior. *Praise God—We are starting one sewing/discipleship training in August, where new believers can find out more about the Lord and we can serve widows. Jesus Healed My Son Report by SOM-Bangladesh My name is Hadi and I come from a Hindu Tribal

Reaching Unreached People Groups with the Gospel

It takes much sacrifice and risk to bring the Word of God to these unreached areas. “Reached” “Reached” territories of the world have accessibility to Christian resources and materials, cultural acceptance and infrastructure for Christians to gather together. “Unreached” ”Unreached” people groups do not have easy access to Christian resources and taking the gospel to these areas can be dangerous and difficult. “Unreached” by the gospel is defined by less than 2% Evangelicals and/or less than 5% who identify as Christians. ( Be Encouraged! We hope this preview of the daily lives and culture of our brothers and sisters

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