Bringing Christmas
to Muslims in North Africa
  Aissatu is now known as the “Jesus” lady and the small children follow her around begging her to come to their homes to show the Jesus film.  You can help bring the true meaning of Christmas this year to these children.
  1. $6 purchases and delivers the DVD of the Jesus Movie in their language to a Muslim home.
2. $35 purchases and delivers a MP3 player with the New Testament in their native tongue.  The MP3 player has an external speaker for the family or group to listen together. It comes with earphones and plug. It has a solar panel for recharging the batteries. The player and batteries are built to last up to 15 years.
  3. $45 purchases and delivers a fixed channel radio for families to listen to the Christian radio station. This radio and batteries also comes with a solar panel and is built to last up to 15 years.
  4. $180 purchases and delivers a portable DVD player. We have found that Sony DVD players and their batteries can withstand the heat of Africa. These players have a strong external speaker for small groups to watch Christian programs. The DVD player will go to the Muslim background believing evangelists who are sharing their faith and visiting homes.
  5. $15,000 purchases all the equipment needed to complete a low powered FM Radio Station. This Radio Station will immediately have a Muslim audience of half a million.  Most of them have never heard the gospel even once. With time, funds and labor we hope to expand the outreach of this station to include a Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) short wave radio which will  reach millions of Muslims throughout North Africa.
If you want to donate to any of these Christmas projects please mention the designation on your check memo or when giving online please use the reference area to designate your gift.
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