Poem: A Cry From The Persecuted

The grief and pain that entangles me deep within. The thoughts and tears are mingled in. The breaking and aching that’s become

Poem: A Cry From The Persecuted2020-09-23T09:34:34-07:00

Healthy & Functioning Body

Prayer is Vital for Global Work Prayer is essential and fuels our passion for domestic ministry in serving the American Church. The

Healthy & Functioning Body2020-08-19T08:23:19-07:00

Delicious Dal Recipe From India

Join our family in making a delicious Dal recipe from India. 80% of Indians are laborers and work

Delicious Dal Recipe From India2020-08-19T07:40:58-07:00

100,000 Masks Sewn in 1 Week!

100,000 Masks Sewn in 1 Week The shut down in India has caused a massive humanitarian crisis. Indians who leave their home

100,000 Masks Sewn in 1 Week!2020-08-19T08:28:53-07:00

Upper Room Prayers in North Africa

Prayers in North Africa Senegal Update Global Call to Prayer Our family in Senegal joined the SOM International global

Upper Room Prayers in North Africa2020-08-19T08:53:35-07:00

Pray for the Muslim World

Pray for the Muslim World During Ramadan April 24 - May 23, 2020 Follow along with the global body of Christ

Pray for the Muslim World2020-08-19T13:16:39-07:00

Upper Room Prayers In India

Global Call to Prayer Our family in India is calling on the SOM International global network to join them in a 10-Day

Upper Room Prayers In India2020-08-19T13:18:07-07:00

India Response To COVID-19

India Response to COVID-19 Thank you for your prayers and financial support during this global crisis. We have been able to serve hundreds of families as

India Response To COVID-192020-09-23T09:53:23-07:00

COVID-19 International Family Update

COVID-19 International Family Update Our international family is pressing forward with much fruitfulness during this global pandemic. In the

COVID-19 International Family Update2020-09-23T09:57:45-07:00

SOM COVID-19 Update – David

From the Desk of CEO, David In many ways, these are unprecedented days and I am writing this for your encouragement. SOM

SOM COVID-19 Update – David2020-09-23T10:00:12-07:00

Trading My Sorrows for God’s Peace

My husband cheated on me after our two daughters were born. He became involved in a relationship with another woman in our

Trading My Sorrows for God’s Peace2020-09-23T10:21:41-07:00

The 3% Who are Reaching the 40%

It takes much sacrifice and risk to bring the Word of God to these unreached areas. “Reached” “Reached” territories of the

The 3% Who are Reaching the 40%2020-06-24T07:51:46-07:00

Chahna’s Story

From Brokenness to Joy Hope in India My name is Chahna. I was born into a Hindu family. My father and

Chahna’s Story2020-06-24T07:51:05-07:00

Prayer For Algeria

Things are finally coming to a head after Algeria has been in the midst of a historic revolution for the past 10

Prayer For Algeria2019-12-17T14:18:02-07:00

India – Mahima’s Story

My name is Mahima and I was born into a fundamental Hindu family who worshipped many gods. We believed Bulk-calf was the

India – Mahima’s Story2020-06-24T09:58:18-07:00

Urgent Prayer for Colombia

December 03, 2019 This past weekend, a huge national strike was broadcasted to begin on December 4th bringing protests and violent acts

Urgent Prayer for Colombia2019-12-17T15:11:07-07:00

My Father’s Heart

My Father's Heart by Alethia Stendal EXCERPT FROM ALETHIA'S UPCOMING BOOK: In the past, there have been lots of chances of turning

My Father’s Heart2019-11-13T13:02:44-07:00

Fighting For Religious Liberty For Women

Fighting for Religious Liberty for Women - Reported by Marina Stendal Russell and I, along with our thirteen-year-old granddaughter Gabriella, recently traveled

Fighting For Religious Liberty For Women2019-11-13T13:32:31-07:00

Internationally Risking Much for Jesus

Is risking much for Jesus, right? Reported by David Witt The Bangladesh bus system is one of the most dangerous transportation systems

Internationally Risking Much for Jesus2019-11-13T14:15:12-07:00

Taking the Gospel to the Muslim World

Bangladesh is an Islamic dominated nation. Gospel outreach to tribal people is difficult and the workers must deal with many hazards, sacrificing

Taking the Gospel to the Muslim World2019-11-13T14:20:08-07:00

One Million Bibles For Venezuela

Transporting this Amount of Bibles per Week for 100 Weeks In order to reach our goal of one million Bibles for Venezuela we

One Million Bibles For Venezuela2019-10-29T08:38:35-07:00

Radio Broadcast and Bible Distribution…

Radio Broadcast and Bible Distribution on One of the Most Dangerous Borders in the World   The situation in Venezuela continues to

Radio Broadcast and Bible Distribution…2019-10-29T08:28:28-07:00

Ministry in Mexico

SUPPLYING NEEDS IN MEXICO The workers in Mexico travel through treacherous areas in the mountains to bring practical items to

Ministry in Mexico2019-09-18T11:32:11-07:00

2019 IDOP Prayer Guide

Theme: Promise and Praise! IDOP is a global collaboration focused on coordinated events of prayer every November. SOM International invites you to

2019 IDOP Prayer Guide2020-09-01T14:22:51-07:00

Medical Brigade

Dentists being flown in by Ultralight Aircraft By SOM Mexico Staff May 2019, the SOM Mexico Medical Team had the

Medical Brigade2019-09-18T09:29:15-07:00

Evangelism Workshop Testimony

I am pleased to introduce to you Tina Wright, who recently was promoted to Senior Instructor status for SOM Witness Development Workshops.

Evangelism Workshop Testimony2019-05-15T15:14:38-07:00

India Testimony – Transformed Village

India Testimony - Transformed Village My name is Jamal and I was healed from a lung disease and gave my life to Jesus. Since

India Testimony – Transformed Village2019-06-27T13:17:14-07:00

Dabak’s Testimony

My name is Dabak and I grew up in a strong Hindu home. My life was transformed five years ago. I am now

Dabak’s Testimony2019-06-27T13:17:20-07:00

Sindhu’s Testimony

My name is Sindhu and I am 18 years old. I was born to strong Hindu parents in North India. Growing up,

Sindhu’s Testimony2019-06-27T13:17:32-07:00

Letter from SOM Partner

"During 2016 David and Pastor Singh passed through El Paso and we met and had a wonderful time of eating and prayer

Letter from SOM Partner2019-04-12T14:22:53-07:00

Update On Kelly From Colombia

Colombia  Update About Kelly     Click Here to Listen to Update Kelly's husband Pabel was martyred in 2014 while delivering Bibles

Update On Kelly From Colombia2019-04-17T11:19:37-07:00

Latin America Update – Shaken

Reported by Russell and Marina Stendal Implementation of the Peace Accord has been slow and filled with obstacles. The FARC guerrillas finally

Latin America Update – Shaken2019-04-17T10:13:36-07:00

North Africa Testimony

(This story has been sanitized for security reasons. Details of names and places have been omitted or changed. The English has been

North Africa Testimony2019-04-17T11:20:17-07:00

Celebrating Together!

Congratulations to Carol Smith  Senior Instructor Discussion Discipleship Method   Commendation from CEO - David Witt Carol has been an incredible blessing

Celebrating Together!2019-04-17T10:43:50-07:00

Aggressive Spectator Turned to Zealous Believer

Aggressive Spectator Turned to Zealous Believer Baswa’s Transformation I was born into an extreme Hindu family. For generations we followed the Hindu

Aggressive Spectator Turned to Zealous Believer2019-06-27T13:17:43-07:00

Peace Treaty Update

  October 2016   Latin America Prayer Alert   Peace Treaty Update   Reported by: Russell and Marina Stendal The population voted

Peace Treaty Update2019-04-17T11:10:40-07:00

Muslim World Update

Sahar's Testimony Hello Family, My name is Sahar and I am 20 years old. I was born into a wealthy family and

Muslim World Update2017-05-17T10:52:36-07:00

Sarah’s Heart

Fearless Faithful Children Around the World God's Word reminds us to keep a child-like faith as we draw near to Him. Children

Sarah’s Heart2019-05-15T09:55:53-07:00

Muslim World Update

  My name is Ali and I am 22 years old. I was born in an ordinary religious family, but my family members

Muslim World Update2017-05-17T10:53:48-07:00

Personal Note from Kelly in Colombia

APRIL 2016 Personal Note from Kelly in Colombia I felt God had abandoned me after my husband Pabel was killed and I

Personal Note from Kelly in Colombia2017-05-17T11:09:50-07:00

Muslim World Update

Click Play on Video to Listen to Update   Victory in the Midst of Persecution   My Christian name is Mary; I am from a

Muslim World Update2017-05-17T11:10:22-07:00

Witness Development Update

 Equipping Christians to Serve as Witnesses and Making Disciples   In January Spirit of Martyrdom partnered with Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Brentwood, CA to host a Discussion

Witness Development Update2019-07-31T08:07:46-07:00

Article on Russell Stendal

How An America Preacher Came To Help The Colombian Rebels Who Abducted Him   As an American citizen traveling through remote corners

Article on Russell Stendal2017-07-20T09:38:05-07:00

Testimony from the Muslim World

Testimony My name is Paul Modou and I am 42; I grew up in a Muslim household. I belonged to a religious

Testimony from the Muslim World2017-05-23T11:24:46-07:00

Discipleship and Multiplication in the USA

Discussion Discipleship Method Multiplication SOM exists for the glory of God by serving His global Church and equipping them to serve as witnesses

Discipleship and Multiplication in the USA2019-04-16T12:02:06-07:00

Latin America – Prayer Alert

Latin America Prayer Alert Russell and Marina Stendal Bogota, Colombia July, 2015 As battles rage all around us excellent opportunities for the

Latin America – Prayer Alert2019-04-16T12:03:31-07:00

Latin America Update

Cease Fire Rescinded Fighting Escalates   Prayer Alert Reported By: Russell and Marina Stendal Bogota, Colombia June 1, 2015 Over the past

Latin America Update2017-07-20T09:01:59-07:00

Muslim Outreach Update

Christian Islamic Dialogue (CID) are SOM teams reaching out to Muslims at mosques across America   I am greatly encouraged with the way the

Muslim Outreach Update2017-07-20T10:51:33-07:00

Hope for the Soldiers of ISIS?

Testimony of Transformation in the Middle East Here is a testimony from a house church planting movement in the Middle East that

Hope for the Soldiers of ISIS?2017-05-23T11:35:13-07:00

Latin America – Prayer Alert

Special Report Regarding Russell Stendal  Reported By: David and Cindy Witt  (April 1st, 2015) Spirit of Martyrdom Ministries Bogota, Colombia We just returned

Latin America – Prayer Alert2017-07-20T08:51:01-07:00

Russell Stendal Arrested-Tried-Released

Russell Stendal Arrested-Tried-Released   "If you preach the true Gospel of the Lord, you will have to live it...our Lord Jesus said

Russell Stendal Arrested-Tried-Released2019-07-31T07:56:32-07:00

Pabel – Fearless Martyr of Love

Pabel and his wife Kelly Israel David (5 years old)  and Linda Estefania (3 years old) Pabel entered into the Loving Presence of his

Pabel – Fearless Martyr of Love2019-12-17T15:22:59-07:00

Latin America Update

During the month of November, we recognize the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. In the last nearly 20 years of

Latin America Update2017-07-13T13:44:04-07:00

Meriam Ibrahim Update

Fox News Reported on August 1, 2014: A Sudanese woman who faced the death penalty for refusing to recant her Christian faith

Meriam Ibrahim Update2019-04-17T11:27:59-07:00

Fearless Faith in North Africa

SOM Senegal Prayer and Praise Update Written by SOM-Senegal President Malik My name is Kumar.  I was born in the country of

Fearless Faith in North Africa2017-05-23T14:14:19-07:00

Latin America Prayer Update

Latin America Prayer Update Written By Russell Stendal  This started out helping 50 families of Paez Naza Indians who had been severely

Latin America Prayer Update2019-07-30T15:54:09-07:00

Nov 2013 Latin America Newsletter

SAVED BY GRACE... AND BOLDLY SHARING WITH OTHERS Written by: A Colombian Worker;   Russell Stendal had sent some boxes of books

Nov 2013 Latin America Newsletter2019-07-24T14:40:57-07:00

Sept 2013 Newsletter

Egypt's Fearless Hope Written By Pastor Daniel Ted Spirit of Martyrdom--Muslim Outreach "On this Rock I will build my Church and the

Sept 2013 Newsletter2019-07-24T14:33:09-07:00

July 2013 Latin American Newsletter

Prayer Alert from Russell and Marina Stendal I sense great turmoil in the spiritual realm as a tremendous battle is taking place.

July 2013 Latin American Newsletter2019-07-24T14:30:49-07:00

June 2013 Special Update

Special Update: Written By David Witt Gives Thanks to Spirit of Martyrdom Partners Living Martyr Pastor Jose Jose and Zanaide Released Five

June 2013 Special Update2019-07-24T14:29:46-07:00

June 2013 Latin American Newsletter

Latin America Prayer Update Written By Alethia Stendal   This month has been so far a very exciting one. Several radio stations

June 2013 Latin American Newsletter2019-07-24T14:28:05-07:00

June 2013 Newsletter

Colombia Fearless Love: Written By David Witt Isaiah 41:10  Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am

June 2013 Newsletter2019-07-24T14:27:42-07:00

May 2013 Latin American Newsletter

Prayer Alert from Colombia   It seems that the Latin America ministry has gone into overdrive this year. Everything is moving forward

May 2013 Latin American Newsletter2019-07-24T14:24:39-07:00

April 2013 Newsletter Part 2

Algeria-Faces of Joy Part 2 Written by David Witt Algerian believers are all persecuted for their faith since they are ex-Muslims in

April 2013 Newsletter Part 22019-07-24T14:25:42-07:00

April 2013 Newsletter

Algeria-Faces of Joy Part One: Written By David Witt   Algeria is becoming a nation of hope in the Islamic world. Muslims

April 2013 Newsletter2019-07-24T14:18:01-07:00

April 2013 Latin American Newsletter

Prayer Alert from Colombia   When I first asked Rick and Bebe to consider a missionary trip to Colombia, South America they

April 2013 Latin American Newsletter2019-07-24T14:14:06-07:00

March 2013 Senegal (Africa)

Fearless Hope: Update on Pastor Jose and Zeneide in Senegal (Africa) Reported By David Witt   In February, we visited Pastor Jose

March 2013 Senegal (Africa)2019-07-24T14:16:22-07:00

Letter from Prisoner José Dilson

Letter written by José Dilson, in the prison of Thiés - Senegal Thiés, Feb 25, 2013   Dear brothers and sisters, God

Letter from Prisoner José Dilson2019-07-24T13:29:38-07:00

March 2013 Latin American Newsletter

Prayer Alert from Colombia   Written by Russell Stendal Jr.For twenty days, starting the first of December 2012, Christian McConnell, Ethan DeLong,

March 2013 Latin American Newsletter2019-07-24T13:28:38-07:00

February: Guinea Bissau, Africa

Fearless Faith: Guinea Bissau, Africa Reported By David Witt   Zareb is 25 years old from the Fula Tribe in Guinea Bissau,

February: Guinea Bissau, Africa2019-07-24T13:26:17-07:00

Jan Prayer Alert from Colombia

Prayer Alert from Colombia   We are on track to finish the fifteen new radio installations that I had been asked to

Jan Prayer Alert from Colombia2019-07-24T11:50:12-07:00

December Newsletter 2012

Fearless Christmas Love in Senegal Bringing the Holy Days to Prison Written by David Witt   Pastor Jose Silva and Zeneide Moreira

December Newsletter 20122019-07-24T11:47:33-07:00

November Newsletter 2012

Growing Hope for the Muslim World in the Midst of Terror Part II Written by David Witt   Islam is a religion

November Newsletter 20122019-07-24T11:41:57-07:00

October Newsletter 2012

The End of Islam? A House Divided... Part 1  Written by David Witt   Fear seems to be ruling in the Muslim

October Newsletter 20122019-07-24T11:39:55-07:00

Prayer Alert from Colombia

THANK YOU for your PRAYERS and HEART for the people of COLOMBIA!  Our team just returned from that beautiful country in South

Prayer Alert from Colombia2019-07-24T11:39:05-07:00

Latin America Prayer Update

Things are going quite well and very intense as usual. We have been working hard on the big Disney transmitter and now

Latin America Prayer Update2019-07-24T11:38:38-07:00

Tribute to Tom White

Tribute to former The Voice of the Martyr's Executive Director Tom White By David Witt This past week a great man of

Tribute to Tom White2019-11-13T14:29:57-07:00

April Newsletter 2012

April - Fearless Faith in Algeria Saighi Krimo is sentenced to five years in prison for boldly sharing his faith in Algeria.

April Newsletter 20122019-07-24T11:34:56-07:00

March Newsletter 2012

March - Ishmael Son of Blessing Recently, I have been studying Ishmael.  I've discovered the Lord's lavish love for Ishmael and his

March Newsletter 20122019-07-24T11:34:30-07:00

February Newsletter 2012

February - Fearless Prayer for Bangladesh Reported By David Witt Last week one of our contacts from Bangladesh was arrested for sharing

February Newsletter 20122019-07-31T08:57:16-07:00

January Newsletter 2012

Arab Summer Harvest? Reported By David Witt News of the turmoil and government transitions from the Arab Spring dominated the media this

January Newsletter 20122017-07-11T14:12:28-07:00

Hope In Colombia: 2012

WITNESSING FEARLESS HOPE IN COLOMBIA Reported By David Witt   Spirit of Martyrdom is delighted to join Russell Stendal in serving the

Hope In Colombia: 20122017-07-12T13:11:24-07:00

October Newsletter 2011

AMERICAN PASTOR GONE BOLD Reported By David Witt "We are His witnesses, God has called us to go," stated Pastor Rob Purdy

October Newsletter 20112019-07-31T09:03:32-07:00

September 2011 Newsletter

From Religious Confusion to Witness of Christ By Russell Stendal, Latin America   South America is full of religious confusion from atheism

September 2011 Newsletter2019-07-24T11:26:01-07:00

Algerian Freedom – Final Week

Count our Blessings This is the final week of our Algerian Freedom campaign. We are greatly encouraged by the past seven weeks.

Algerian Freedom – Final Week2019-07-24T11:20:48-07:00

Algerian Freedom Week 7 of 8

Soccer - a Holy Sport? Soccer is popular in Algeria and now to Christians soccer is a reminder of God's sovereign grace.

Algerian Freedom Week 7 of 82017-07-11T14:13:00-07:00

Algerian Freedom – Week Six of Eight

Algerian Freedom Week Six of Eight--Prayer and Action The United States relationship with Algeria has been a roller coaster over the years.

Algerian Freedom – Week Six of Eight2019-07-24T11:19:55-07:00

Algerian Freedom Week Four of Eight

Algerian Freedom Week Four of Eight--Prayer and Action This next Monday, August 1 officially starts the Islamic fast of Ramadan in Algeria.

Algerian Freedom Week Four of Eight2019-07-24T11:15:56-07:00

Algerian Freedom Week 3 of 8 Prayer and Action

Politics in a free state should mean just that - Freedom. We have a Constitution that promises us freedom to choose creed, speech, religion, politics

Algerian Freedom Week 3 of 8 Prayer and Action2017-07-11T14:18:26-07:00

Algerian Freedom

Algerian Freedom (July 5 to August 26, 2011) Dear Prayer Warrior , In an effort to help an estimated 100,000 Algerian persecuted brothers and

Algerian Freedom2019-07-24T11:12:29-07:00

June 2011 Newsletter

Fearless Love: How to Love a Thief  Tanvir told the Spirit of Martyrdom team, "My Father is an Imam - a Muslim

June 2011 Newsletter2019-07-31T09:03:50-07:00

April 2011 News

Fearless Love: Joy in Passion  This week Christians around the world celebrate the pinnacle of the Christian faith, what many call, "Passion

April 2011 News2019-07-31T09:03:55-07:00

December 2010 Newsletter

"This was a life changing, faith building conference," shared one of the participants at the Courageous Living Conference in Arizona this past

December 2010 Newsletter2019-07-24T11:10:02-07:00

2010 Courageous Living Conference

2010 Courageous Living Conference Many Christians today report to us a sense of rising fear. Fears are growing regarding finances, marriages, children,

2010 Courageous Living Conference2019-07-24T11:05:03-07:00

June 2010

FEARLESS PEACE OF JESUS The arrest paper stated "missionary." On May 8th Benin (name changed) was heading home as he crossed the

June 20102019-07-24T10:52:16-07:00

April Newsletter

FEARLESS LOVE IN PAKISTAN I met Muslims in Pakistan who discovered a life of righteous love through faith in Christ.  Many wonder

April Newsletter2019-07-24T10:47:04-07:00

March Newsletter

Are "Allah" and "God" the same? Are "Allah" and "God" the same?  This is one of the questions I receive the most

March Newsletter2019-07-24T10:36:39-07:00

Winter Newsletter

Fearless Hope in the Muslim World Hope comes to every soul who is born of the spirit of God through Jesus Christ.

Winter Newsletter2019-07-24T10:27:58-07:00

Fearless Love: December 2009

Early Witnesses of Christmas?   Who were the early witnesses of Christmas? Some of the first witnesses of Christ are overlooked. The

Fearless Love: December 20092019-07-24T10:29:48-07:00

November Newsletter

Underground Church in America? Fatima is a 17 year old Muslim background believer in Jesus from Sri Lanka. On November 18, 2005

November Newsletter2019-07-24T10:30:07-07:00

Bring Christmas

  Bringing Christmas to Muslims in North Africa   Aissatu is now known as the "Jesus" lady and the small children follow

Bring Christmas2019-07-24T10:19:39-07:00

Fall Newsletter

FEARLESS LOVE  in Africa   Aissatu (I Sa' Tu) is joyful, full of life, and vigor. She is a Muslim background believer

Fall Newsletter2019-07-24T10:18:17-07:00

September Newsletter

Father-Heart of God Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian Jew who found faith in his Messiah at the age of 27.  He became

September Newsletter2019-07-24T10:31:07-07:00

August Newsletter

Romans 5:18  Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and

August Newsletter2019-07-24T10:31:41-07:00

Summer SOM News Letter

FEARLESS FAITHFUL of Colombia   Russell is one of our contacts in Colombia who exemplifies a life of Fearless Faith.  The Scripture

Summer SOM News Letter2019-07-24T09:55:55-07:00

May April E-mail Newsletter

The word "Christian" is found only three times in the Bible.  The word "disciple" is used 260 times.  God not only calls

May April E-mail Newsletter2019-07-24T09:53:40-07:00

Late Summer Colombia Construction Trip

Spirit of Martyrdom is sending small construction team to help in the maintenance of this Bible seminary campus. You can help us

Late Summer Colombia Construction Trip2019-04-10T07:58:47-07:00

Fearless Love: April News

My dear friend and co-author of Fearless Love, Dr. Mujahid El Masih, said to me a few years ago that, "if the

Fearless Love: April News2019-07-24T09:49:06-07:00
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